Fazlullah Mujadedi

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Fazlullah Mujadedi
Governor of Logar Province
In office
December 2001 – October 2002
Succeeded byAbdul Malik Hamwar[1]
Governor of Laghman Province
In office
20 September 2012 – 5 June 2015[citation needed]
Preceded byMohammad Iqbal Azizi
Succeeded byAbdul Jabbar Naeemi
Personal details
Born1957 (age 62–63)
Logar Province, Afghanistan
Political partyJamiat-e Islami

Fazlullah Mujadedi (Persian: فضل الله مجددی‎) also spelled as (Mujaddedi Mujaddidi Mojadeddi Mujadidi) is a Tajik politician in Afghanistan, previously serving as Governor of Laghman Province. He was one of the prominent commanders of Jamiat-e Islami during the 1980s Soviet–Afghan War. He was amongst the earliest generation of anti-soviet fighters from Kabul University, which included Amin Wardak, Zabihullah of Marmul in Balkh and Ahmad Shah Massoud.[2][3]


Mujadedi was born in 1957 in the Logar Province of Afghanistan. He is an ethnic Tajik[citation needed] and is fluent in serval languages, including Dari and Pashto. He has some knowledge of English and Arabic language. He also has a BA in Law and Political Science from Kabul University and has authored several books on history and politics of Afghanistan.

After the fall of Taliban government in late 2001, Mujadedi became the governor of Logar Province. In the same period, he also served as a temporary military commander.[4] At that point he was credited for maintaining law and order, unifying the people through Shura and disarming illegal militias.[5] In October 2002 he was replaced with Northern Alliance commander from Kapisa province Abdul Malik Hamwar as the governor of Logar.[6] This governor's replacement was thought to be as a result of differences between governor Mujadidi & the then minister of Interior affairs Yunus Qanuni.

In the 2005 parliamentary election he was amongst the top Mujahideen leaders to win the top place in votes in their provinces. He won the highest percentage from Logar to gain a seat in Wolesi Jirga, lower house of parliament, to represent the people of Logar province.[7] During his time in the Afghan Parliament Mujadedi became the chairman of the legislative affairs committee. He previously served as the governor of Laghman Province.[8]


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Preceded by
Governor of Logar Province, Afghanistan
December 2001 – March 2004
Succeeded by
Mohammad Aman Hamimi