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Nine Inch Nails - Fixed (1992).jpg
Remix album / EP by Nine Inch Nails
Released December 7, 1992
Recorded Matrix, London
Length 40:23
Label TVT/Nothing
Producer Trent Reznor
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Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Fixed is a remix EP by Nine Inch Nails released in 1992. Fixed is the sixth official Nine Inch Nails release and is the companion remix disc to Broken. It has been certified platinum in the UK.[2] It is the first Nine Inch Nails release to include the Parental Advisory label, as not all certain releases by the band include the label.

Guest remixers include Coil with Danny Hyde, J. G. Thirlwell aka Foetus, Butch Vig and members of the live band at the time, which included Chris Vrenna and James Woolley.


This remix EP employs mixing techniques such as backmasking, layering, flangers, noise and sudden time signature changes.

Coil's "Gave Up" remix picks up with a frantic rhythmic jumbling of Trent's vocals directly referencing the lyrics ("it took you to make me realize"). Coil's long-time engineer and collaborator Danny Hyde states that the technique used was "so ludicrous I'll keep it to myself".[3] John Balance (of Coil) expressed his dislike of the chorus and decided they should take it in another direction, hence the vastly mutated form it ended up taking.

"Throw This Away" is a remix of both "Suck" and "Last" that distinguishes itself by sounding very little like either track. The outro section is an excerpt of Butch Vig's remix of "Last," which was left off the final version of the EP. The unedited mix appeared on the internet as an 8-bit mono 11 kHz file, NIN_LAST.AIFF, available by FTP from in 1993. It disappeared from the site quite some time ago, but can still be found on p2p networks. Reznor subsequently made it available in higher quality (256kbit/s mp3) at

Vig later spoke about the remix while answering questions on a music production forum, saying "I started recording a lot of new parts, and took it in a much different direction. When it was finished, Trent thought the front part of the mix didn't fit the EP, so he just used the ending. I'm glad it's on his website. Duke and Steve worked with me on the remix, in the very early days of Garbage."[4]

Jim Thirlwell's second "Wish" remix, "Fist Fuck", features samples of Timothy Leary while the final track, "Screaming Slave", contains various samples of Bob Flanagan being tortured that were recorded during the filming of the "Happiness in Slavery" music video.


Track listing[edit]

No. Title Remixer(s) Length
1. "Gave Up" (Remix) Coil, Danny Hyde 5:25
2. "Wish" (Remix) J. G. Thirlwell 9:11
3. "Happiness in Slavery" (Remix) Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna, P.K. 6:09
4. "Throw This Away"   Reznor, Vrenna, Butch Vig 4:14
5. "Fist Fuck"   J. G. Thirlwell 7:21
6. "Screaming Slave"   Reznor, Vrenna, Bill Kennedy, Sean Beavan, Martin Brumbach, Bob Flanagan 8:02

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