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Francesco Zappa
Frank Zappa, Francesco Zappa.jpg
Studio album by Frank Zappa
Released November 21, 1984[1]
Recorded UMRK, February April 1984
Genre Chamber music, electronic
Length 37:46
Label Barking Pumpkin
Producer Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa chronology
#41 (1984)Thing-FishString Module Error: Match not found
Francesco Zappa
#42 (1984)
The Old Masters Box I
#43 (1985)The Old Masters Box IString Module Error: Match not found
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[2]

Francesco Zappa is a 1984 album by Frank Zappa. It features chamber music by the Italian composer Francesco Zappa, who composed between 1763 and 1788.

Album origins[edit]

David Ocker played a piece of Francesco Zappa's music for Frank Zappa because it was popular with some college music students. Because Francesco Zappa's music was not published and could only be found in the Mormon library, Frank Zappa decided to publish it. He then decided to program some of these pieces into his new Synclavier synthesizer.[3]

Finding the composer's works[edit]

Frank Zappa found an entry for Francesco Zappa in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and then researched his sheet music in the library at UC Berkeley. According to The Real Frank Zappa Book, the two musicians are not related.

Album content[edit]

Francesco Zappa was the first album that Frank Zappa used the Synclavier on,[4] but it was not the first one he released, as synclavier pieces performed by him appear on "The Perfect Stranger" and on "Thing-Fish" as well.

Track listing[edit]

All selections composed by Francesco Zappa

Side one
1."Opus I: No. 1 First Movement: Andante"3:32
2."Opus I: No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro con brio"1:27
3."Opus I: No. 2 1st Movement: Andantino"2:14
4."Opus I: No. 2 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso"2:04
5."Opus I: No. 3 1st Movement: Andantino"1:52
6."Opus I: No. 3 2nd Movement: Presto"1:50
7."Opus I: No. 4 1st Movement: Andante"2:20
8."Opus I: No. 4 2nd Movement: Allegro"3:04
Side two
9."Opus I: No. 5 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso"2:29
10."Opus I: No. 6 1st Movement: Largo"2:08
11."Opus I: No. 6 2nd Movement: Minuet"2:03
12."Opus IV: No. 1 1st Movement: Andantino"2:47
13."Opus IV: No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro assai"2:02
14."Opus IV: No. 2 2nd Movement: Allegro assai"1:20
15."Opus IV: No. 3 1st Movement: Andante"2:24
16."Opus IV: No. 3 2nd Movement: Tempo di minuetto"2:00
17."Opus IV: No. 4 1st Movement: Minuetto"2:10


  • Performed by The Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort (Frank Zappa, conductor)
  • Produced and orchestrated by Frank Zappa
  • Synclavier document encryption: David Ocker
  • Engineered by Bob Stone & Mark Pinske
  • Cover painting by Donald Roller Wilson
  • Collage by Gabrielle Raumberger
  • Graphics by New Age Art


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