The **** of the Mothers

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The **** of the Mothers
The of the Mothers.jpeg
Greatest hits album by The Mothers of Invention
Released October 1969
Recorded 1966 - 1968
Genre Progressive rock
Length 33:47
Label Verve Records
MGM Records
Producer Tom Wilson

The **** of the Mothers is an out of print compilation album of early works by The Mothers of Invention.[1] The album features a gatefold with some of the contemporary band members, such as Ian Underwood, Art Tripp, and Motorhead Sherwood. This was the first of numerous repackaged "Best Of" LPs put out by MGM that were not authorized by Frank Zappa. Mothermania is the only one that Zappa worked on and approved.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Side One
1."Status Back Baby"2:52
2."Wowie Zowie"2:45
3."You Didn't Try To Call Me"3:17
4."Invocation & Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin"6:57
5."Soft-Sell Conclusions"1:40
Side Two
1."Bow-Tie Daddy"1:22
2."Uncle Bernie's Farm"2:09
3."Concentration Moon"2:32
4."Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder"3:31
5."Flower Punk"3:57
6."Motherly Love"2:45



  • Producer: Tom Wilson
  • Arranged & Conducted: Frank Zappa
  • Art Direction: Sid Maurer
  • Cover Art: Abe Gurvin


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