Frankenstein 80

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Frankenstein 80
Frankenstein 80 FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Mario Mancini
Produced by Benedetto Graziani (producer)
Written by Ferdinando De Leone (writer)
Mario Mancini (writer)
Starring John Richardson
Gordon Mitchell
Music by Daniele Patucchi
Cinematography Emilio Varriano
Edited by Enzo Micarelli
Running time
85 minutes (USA)
85 minutes (Argentina)
Country Italy
Language Italian

Frankenstein 80 is a 1972 Italian film directed by Mario Mancini.

The film is also known as Frankenstein '80 in Italy (original title).

Plot summary[edit]

By day, Dr. Frankenstein (Gordon Mitchell) works innocuously in his lab. But at night, he works to perfect Mosaico (Xiro Papas), a monstrosity pieced together from dead bodies. Once completed, the behemoth escapes from the lab and embarks on a killing spree. Local beauties begin popping up dead, murdered in a variety of gruesome ways, as authorities attempt to stop Mosaico's rampage.


Critical reception[edit]

Allmovie called the film "stupid, sickening, and obscene", but "seekers of psychotronic cinema will have a field day with this ridiculous Italian exploitation product."[1]


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