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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fredericksburg of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the campaign.[1][2] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k =killed
  • c = captured

Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Robert E. Lee, Commanding

First Corps[edit]

LTG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

McLaws' Division

     MG Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade

  BG Joseph B. Kershaw

Barksdale's Brigade

  BG William Barksdale

Cobb's Brigade

  BG Thomas R.R. Cobb (mw)
  Col Robert E. McMillan

Semmes' Brigade

  BG Paul J. Semmes


  Col Henry C. Cabell[5]

Anderson's Division

     MG Richard H. Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade

  BG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Mahone's Brigade

  BG William Mahone

Featherston's Brigade

  BG Winfield S. Featherston

  • 12th Mississippi: Col William H. Taylor
  • 16th Mississippi: Col Carnot Posey
  • 19th Mississippi: Col Thomas Hardin (k)
  • 48th Mississippi (5 companies): Ltc Thomas B. Manlove
Wright's Brigade

  BG Ambrose R. Wright

  • 3rd Georgia: Col Edward J. Walker
  • 22nd Georgia: Col Robert H. Jones
  • 48th Georgia: Cpt Matthew R. Hall
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion:[7] Cpt Charles J. Moffett
Perry's Brigade

  BG Edward A. Perry[8]


  Ltc John S. Saunders

  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery: Cpt Victor Maurin
  • Huger's (Virginia) battery: Cpt Frank Huger
  • Lewis' (Virginia) battery:[9] Cpt John W. Lewis
  • Norfolk (Virginia) Light Artillery Blues: Lt William T. Peet

Pickett's Division

     MG George Pickett

Garnett's Brigade

  BG Richard B. Garnett[10]

Armistead's Brigade

  BG Lewis A. Armistead

Kemper's Brigade

  BG James L. Kemper

Jenkins' Brigade

  BG Micah Jenkins

  • 1st South Carolina (Hagood's): Col Daniel H. Hamilton
  • 2nd South Carolina (Rifles): Col Robert E. Bowen
  • 5th South Carolina: Col Ashbury Coward
  • 6th South Carolina: Col John M. Steedman
  • Hampton's Legion (Infantry Battalion): Ltc Robert B. Arnold
  • Palmetto Sharpshooters: Col Joseph Walker
Corse' s Brigade[11]

  BG Montgomery D. Corse


  Maj James Dearing

  • Dearing's (Virginia) battery: Cpt Joseph Blount
  • Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Robert M. Stribling
  • Richmond Fayette (Virginia) Artillery:[14] Cpt Miles C. Macon

Hood's Division

     MG John B. Hood

Law's Brigade

  BG Evander M. Law

Robertson' s Brigade

  BG Jerome B. Robertson

Anderson's Brigade

  BG George T. Anderson

Toombs' Brigade

  Col Henry L. Benning

  • 2nd Georgia: Ltc William R. Holmes
  • 15th Georgia: Col William T. Millican
  • 17th Georgia: Col Wesley C. Hodges
  • 20th Georgia: Col John R. Cummings

  Maj Mathias W. Henry

  • Bachman's battery, German (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Simons
  • Garden's battery, Palmetto (South Carolina) Light Artillery: Cpt Hugh R. Garden
  • Reilly's battery, Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery: Cpt James Reilly

Ransom's Division

     BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

Ransom's Brigade

  BG Robert Ransom, Jr.

  • 24th North Carolina: Ltc John L. Harris
  • 25th North Carolina: Ltc Samuel C. Bryson
  • 35th North Carolina: Col Matt W. Ransom
  • 49th North Carolina: Ltc Lee McAfee
  • Branch's (Virginia) battery: Cpt James R. Branch
Cooke's Brigade

  BG John R. Cooke (w, Dec. 13)
  Col Edward D. Hall

  • 15th North Carolina:[16] Ltc William MacRae
  • 27th North Carolina: Col John A. Gilmer, Jr.
  • 46th North Carolina: Col Edward D. Hall
  • 48th North Carolina: Ltc Samuel H. Walkup
  • Cooper's Stafford (Virginia) battery: Cpt Samuel Cooper

First Corps Artillery[17]

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery

  Col James B. Walton

  • 1st Company: Cpt Charles W. Squires
  • 2nd Company: Cpt John B. Richardson
  • 3rd Company: Cpt Merritt B. Miller
  • 4th Company: Cpt Benjamin F. Eshleman
Alexander's Battalion

  Ltc E. Porter Alexander

  • Bedford (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Tyler C. Jordan
  • Bath (Virginia) battery: Cpt John L. Eubank
  • Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Parker's (Virginia) battery: Cpt William W. Parker
  • Brook's (South Carolina) battery(Rhett): Cpt Andrew B. Rhett
  • Ashland (Virginia) battery: Cpt Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr.

Second Corps[edit]

LTG Thomas J. Jackson

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

D.H. Hill's Division

     MG D.H. Hill

First (Rodes') Brigade

  BG Robert E. Rodes

Second (Doles') Brigade

  BG George Doles

Third (Colquitt's) Brigade

  BG Alfred H. Colquitt

  • 13th Alabama: Col Birkett D. Fry
  • 6th Georgia: Col John T. Lofton
  • 23rd Georgia: Col Emory F. Best
  • 27th Georgia: Col Charles T. Zachary
  • 28th Georgia: Maj Tully Graybill
Fourth (Iverson's) Brigade

  BG Alfred Iverson Jr.

  • 5th North Carolina: Cpt Thomas W. Garrett
  • 12th North Carolina: Col Henry E. Coleman
  • 20th North Carolina: Ltc Frank Faison
  • 23rd North Carolina: Col Daniel H. Christie
Fifth (Ramseur's) Brigade

  Col Bryan Grimes


  Maj Hilary P. Jones
  Maj Thomas H. Carter[19]

  • Hardaway's (Alabama) battery: Cpt Robert A. Hardaway, Cpt William B. Hurt[20]
  • Bondurant's battery, Jeff Davis (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt James W. Bondurant
  • Carter's battery, King William (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas H. Carter, Cpt William P. P. Carter
  • Page's battery, Morris (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Richard C. M. Page
  • Fry's battery, Orange (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Charles M. Fry
  • Goochland (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William H. Turner

A. P. Hill's Light Division

     MG A. P. Hill

First (Field's) Brigade

  Col John M. Brockenbrough

Second (Gregg's) Brigade

  BG Maxcy Gregg (mw, Dec. 13)
  Col Samuel McGowan

Third (Thomas') Brigade

  BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia: Col Arnoldus V. Brumby
  • 35th Georgia: Col Bolling H. Holt
  • 45th Georgia: Col Thomas J. Simmons
  • 49th Georgia: Col Andrew J. Lane
Fourth (Lane's) Brigade

  BG James H. Lane

  • 7th North Carolina: Ltc Junius L. Hill
  • 18th North Carolina: Col Thomas J. Purdie
  • 28th North Carolina: Col Samuel D. Lowe
  • 33rd North Carolina: Col Clark M. Avery
  • 37th North Carolina: Cpt William M. Barbour
Fifth (Archer's) Brigade

  BG James J. Archer

  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Maj Albert S. Van de Graaff (w), Cpt Samuel D. Stewart
  • 19th Georgia: Ltc Andrew J. Hutchins
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col Peter Turney (w), Ltc Newton J. George (w), Cpt Miller Turney (w),
    Cpt Henry J. Hawkins
  • 7th Tennessee: Col John F. Goodner
  • 14th Tennessee: Ltc James W. Lockert
Sixth (Pender's) Brigade

  BG William D. Pender (w, Dec. 13)
  Col Alfred M. Scales

  • 13th North Carolina: Col Alfred M. Scales
  • 16th North Carolina: Col John S. McElroy
  • 22nd North Carolina: Maj Christopher C. Cole
  • 34th North Carolina: Col William L. J. Lowrance
  • 38th North Carolina: Col William H. H. Cowles

  Ltc R. Lindsay Walker

  • Branch (North Carolina) Artillery: Lt John R. Potts
  • Crenshaw (Virginia) battery: Lt James Ellett
  • Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Edward A. Marye
  • Johnson's (Virginia) battery: Lt Valentine J. Clutter
  • Letcher (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Greenlee Davidson
  • Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt David G. Mcintosh
  • Purcell (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William Pegram

Ewell's Division

     BG Jubal A. Early

Lawton's Brigade

  Col Edmund N. Atkinson (w&c)
  Col Clement A. Evans

Trimble's Brigade

  Col Robert Hoke

  • 15th Alabama: Maj Alexander A. Lowther
  • 12th Georgia: Col Zephaniah T. Connor
  • 21st Georgia: Ltc Thomas W. Hooper
  • 21st North Carolina: Col Saunders Fulton
  • 1st North Carolina Battalion: Maj Rufus N. Wharton
Early's Brigade

  Col James A. Walker

Hays' (First Louisiana) Brigade

  BG Harry T. Hays

  • 5th Louisiana: Col Henry Forno
  • 6th Louisiana: Col WIlliam Monaghan
  • 7th Louisiana: Col Davidson B. Penn
  • 8th Louisiana: Ltc Trevanion D. Lewis
  • 9th Louisiana: Col Leroy A. Stafford

  Cpt Joseph W. Latimer

  • Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James McD. Carrington
  • Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery: Lt John E. Plater
  • Courtney (Virginia) Artillery: Lt William A. Tanner
  • First Maryland Battery: Cpt William F. Dement
  • Louisiana Guard Artillery: Cpt Louis E. D'Aquin
  • Staunton (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Asher W. Garber

Jackson's Division

     BG William B. Taliaferro

First (Paxton's) Brigade

  BG Elisha F. Paxton

Second (Jones') Brigade

  BG John R. Jones

Third (Taliaferro's) Brigade

  Col Edward T.H. Warren

Fourth (Starke's) Brigade

  Col Edmund Pendleton

  • 1st Louisiana (Volunteers): Ltc Michael Nolan
  • 2nd Louisiana: Col Jesse M. Williams, Maj Michael A. Grogan
  • 10th Louisiana: Ltc John M. Legett
  • 14th Louisiana: Cpt Henry M. Verlander
  • 15th Louisiana: Ltc McG. Goodwyn
  • Coppens' (Louisiana) Zouave Battalion: Ltc M. Alfred Coppens

  Cpt John B. Brockenbrough (w)

Reserve Artillery[edit]

BG William N. Pendleton[22]

Battalions Batteries
Brown's Battalion

  Col J. Thompson Brown

Cutts' (Georgia) Battalion
  • Co. A, Sumter (Ga.) Flying Artillery Battalion (Ross's Battery): Cpt Hugh M. Ross
  • Co. B, Sumter (Ga.) Flying Artillery Battalion (Patterson's Battery): Cpt George M. Patterson
  • Co. C, Sumter (Ga.) Flying Artillery Battalion (Lane's Battery): Cpt John Lane
Nelson's Battalion

  Maj William Nelson

  • Kirkpatrick's (Virginia) battery, Amherst Artillery: Cpt Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
  • Massie's (Virginia) battery, Fluvanna Artillery: Cpt John L. Massie
  • Milledge's (Georgia) battery: Cpt John Milledge
Miscellaneous Batteries[24]
  • Ells' Macon Light Artillery: Cpt Henry N. Ells
  • Nelson's (Virginia) battery, Hanover Artillery: Cpt George W. Nelson


Division Brigade Regiments and Others

MG James E.B. Stuart

First Brigade[25]

  BG Wade Hampton

Second Brigade

  BG Fitzhugh Lee

Third Brigade

  BG W.H.F. Lee

Fourth Brigade[27]

  BG William E. Jones


  Maj John Pelham

  • Breathed's (Virginia) battery: Cpt James Breathed
  • Chew's (Virginia) battery:[29] Cpt R. Preston Chew
  • Hart's (South Carolina) battery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • Henry's (Virginia) battery: Cpt Matthew W. Henry
  • Moorman's (Virginia) battery: Cpt Marcellus N. Moorman


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