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From the Coop
Compilation album by Buckethead
Released March 9, 2008
Recorded October, 1988
Genre Avant-garde, experimental rock
Length 43:15
Label Avabella
Producer Jas Obrecht
Buckethead chronology
Cyborg Slunks
From the Coop
Albino Slug
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]

From the Coop is Buckethead's third special release. It consists of songs from early demo tapes that Buckethead recorded when he was around 19 years old and just starting to get serious with his guitar playing. A final cassette was with all 3 demo cassettes put together was made in 2000 for a CD release that wouldn't happen for another 8 years. [2] As with Acoustic Shards, this album is more of a specialty release rather than his latest studio effort.

According to producer Jas Obrecht:[3]

The announcement of the release of the CD was made at, a semi-official fan forum. On this site, the members were given the opportunity to purchase the CD at a discounted price for three days, an offer that has since ended.

In the CD booklet, Obrecht has included reproductions of Buckethead's handwriting from the 1988 cassettes.[4]

Obrecht also stated that:

The album artwork was drawn by Buckethead and shows himself when he was young in a ghostly coop.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Buckethead, except for "Malagueña" composed by Ernesto Lecuona, "La Grima", written by Francisco Tárrega and Hog Bitch Stomp by Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.

1."Disembodied Part 1"3:27
2."Disembodied Part 2"4:44
3."Hog Bitch Stomp"0:36
4."Malagueña" (Traditional)1:54
5."Space Mountain"3:10
6."Excerpt #1"1:39
7."Excerpt #2"0:52
8."Excerpt #3"0:37
9."Excerpt #4"0:54
11."La Grima"1:51
12."Funk Tune"3:50
13."Funkin' Freak"2:23
14."Hog Bitch Stomp"1:25
15."Return of Augustus Gloop"4:32
16."Malagueña" (Traditional)1:59
18."Scalpel Sled"3:27
Total length:43:15


  • Buckethead - Guitar, bass, drum machine
  • Jas Obrecht - Producer
  • Ken Hood - Audio engineering
  • John Edmonds - Original engineer in 1988

Artist bio[edit]

Jas Obrecht stated that the CD would come with the first Buckethead bio taken in the year 1989 and says:


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