Fuy River

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Fuy River (Río Fuy)
Country Chile
Physical characteristics
Main source Pirihueico Lake
River mouth Panguipulli Lake

Fuy River (Spanish: Río Fuy) is a river in the commune of Panguipulli, southern Chile. It drains Pirihueico Lake and flows southward along the village of Neltume where it joins Neltume River and creates together Panguipulli Lake. The river's origin is near the village of Puerto Fuy (es).

In Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve there are two waterfalls, the Salto la Leona and the Salto Huilo-Huilo, two important touristic attractions, they can be reached by trekking inside the reserve.


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Coordinates: 39°49′33″S 72°05′25″W / 39.8258°S 72.0903°W / -39.8258; -72.0903

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