Fujiwara no Yoshisuke

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Fujiwara no Yoshisuke
Born 813
Died 867
Nationality Japanese
Parents Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu (father)
In this Japanese name, the family name is Fujiwara.

Fujiwara no Yoshisuke (813–867) was a Japanese statesman, courtier and politician during the Heian period.[1]

Career at court[edit]

He was a minister during the reign of Emperor Montoku.[1]

Yoshisuke helped to write the Shoku Nihon Kōki.[1]


This member of the Fujiwara clan was the son of Fujiwara no Fuyutsugu.[1] Yoshisuke's brothers were Fujiwara no Yoshifusa, Fujiwara no Nagayoshi[3] and Fujiwara no Yoshikado.[4]


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