G16 Dandong–Xilinhot Expressway

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China Expwy G16 sign with name.svg

Dandong–Xilinhot Expressway


Danxi Expressway
Route information
Length: 960 km[1] (600 mi)
Length when complete.
Major junctions
East end: G11 in Donggang, Dandong, Liaoning
West end: Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia (when complete)
G303 in Baarin Right Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia (current)
Highway system
G1514 G18

The Dandong–Xilinhot Expressway (Chinese: 丹东—锡林浩特高速公路), commonly referred to as the Danxi Expressway (Chinese: 丹锡高速公路) is an expressway that connects the cities of Dandong, Liaoning, China, and Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia. When fully complete, it will be 960 km (600 mi) in length.

Currently, the expressway is complete between Dandong and Baarin Right Banner.


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