Garden of the Missing in Action

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Coordinates: 31°46′34.18″N 35°10′46.94″E / 31.7761611°N 35.1797056°E / 31.7761611; 35.1797056

Garden of the Missing in Action
גן הנעדרים
גן הנעדרים - הר הרצל 1.jpg
Coordinates 31°46′29.97″N 35°10′40.86″E / 31.7749917°N 35.1780167°E / 31.7749917; 35.1780167
Location Mount Herzl, Jerusalem
Completion date 2004
Dedicated to the Missing in action that burial place is unknown
Empty Grave markers in the Garden of the Missing Soldiers

The Garden of the Missing in Action (Hebrew: גן הנעדרים‎‎, Gan HaNe'edarim, Garden of the Missing ones) is an unknown soldier memorial and commemorative garden on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem dedicated to Israeli MIAs.

The garden memorializes fighters and officers of the Israel Defense Forces and pre-state MIAs starting from 1914, whose resting place is unknown.[1] The garden was inaugurated in February 2004 in a ceremony attended by army chiefs, the Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, and members of the Jerusalem Municipality. The garden also contains memorials to those lost aboard the submarine INS Dakar and the "23 Who Went Down at Sea" of May 1941. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, over 400 Israeli soldiers have been declared "Missing in Action."[citation needed] The construction of the Garden of the Missing on Mt. Herzl was initiated and headed by Moshe Oren, as head of the Ministry of Defense Commemoration Division.

An annual memorial service for the Missing Soldiers of Israel takes place in the garden's main plaza on the Seventh of Adar, the day in the Hebrew calendar which marks the traditional date of the death of Moses, whose grave is known only to God, according to the Hebrew Bible.


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