Gerecse Mountains

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Gerecse látképe.jpg
Highest point
Elevation634 m (2,080 ft)
Area850 km2 (330 sq mi)
HU subregion 5.3.1. Gerecse-vidék.png
Location of Gerecse Mountains within physical subdivisions of Hungary
Transdanubian Medium Mountains map.png
Scheme of principal mountain ranges in Transdanubian Mountains and adjacent regions
CountyKomárom-Esztergom County
Range coordinates47°38.6′N 18°24.3′E / 47.6433°N 18.4050°E / 47.6433; 18.4050Coordinates: 47°38.6′N 18°24.3′E / 47.6433°N 18.4050°E / 47.6433; 18.4050
OrogenyTransdanubian Mountains
Type of rockchalk, limestone

Gerecse is a mountain range in north-western Hungary,[clarification needed] that belongs to the Transdanubian Mountains


The range lies in the Central Transdanubian region and connects Vértes Hills with Pilis Mountains in Komárom-Esztergom County, between the town of Tatabánya and the Danube River. Gerecse occupies an area of 850 km2 (20,300 ha). The highest point is Nagy-Gerecse at 634 m.[1] The main rock is limestone and chalk.


Deciduous oak forests cover the lower slopes, with submontane species of Quercus, Carpinus, Fagus, and at higher altitudes karst scrub. The area is 70% forest, 5% scrubland, 10% grassland, and 15% artificial landscapes.[1] Yearly sunshine duration is around 1,980 hours. The average annual temperature above the height of 350 meters is 9.5 C (in January -2,8 C). The average annual precipitation is 640 millimeters.


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