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Original author(s) Bernd Paysan, Anton Ertl
Developer(s) GNU Project
Initial release mid-1992; 25 years ago (1992)[1]
Stable release
0.7.3 / June 14, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-06-14)
Written in C, Forth
Operating system Unix-like, Microsoft Windows, DOS, OS/2
Type Interpreter
License GNU GPLv3

Gforth is a project to develop an implementation for ANS Forth. It is part of the GNU Project.[2]


Gforth's goals can be split into several subgoals:

  • Gforth should conform to the ANS Forth standard.
  • It should be a model, i.e. it should define all implementation dependencies.
  • It should become standard, i.e. widely accepted and used. This goal is the most difficult one.


The Gforth project was started in mid-1992 by Bernd Paysan and Anton Ertl. Gforth descends from bigFORTH and fig-Forth[1][3][4] Gforth uses GCC to compile a fast direct or indirect threaded Forth; Gforth is fully ANS FORTH compliant.[2]


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