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GNU Find Utilities
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Developer(s)GNU Project
Stable release
4.6.0 / December 28, 2015; 3 years ago (2015-12-28)
Written inC
Operating systemUnix-like
TypeMiscellaneous Utilities
LicenseGNU GPL

The GNU Find Utilities or findutils is a GNU package which offers basic file searching utilities to search the systems directories of GNU- and Unix-based computers. It contains implementations of the tools find, locate, updatedb, and xargs.[1] However, locate and updatedb has been split off into a separate package in latest versions in various Linux distributions.

Programs included in findutils[edit]

  • find – search for files in a directory hierarchy
  • locate – list files in databases that match a pattern
  • updatedb – update a file name database
  • xargs – build and execute command lines from standard input

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