Gibraltar Medallion of Honour

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Gibraltar Medallion of Honour
Location Gibraltar City Hall
Country Gibraltar
Presented by Mayor of Gibraltar
First awarded 2008
Currently held by See Recipients

The Gibraltar Medallion of Honour (GMH) is a civil award scheme established by the Government of the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Its creation was announced in July 2008 by Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Peter Caruana.[1][2] It ranks below the Freedom of the City of Gibraltar.[2]


The Gibraltar Medallion of Honour is awarded annually by the Gibraltar Parliament[2] on "living or deceased Gibraltarians and others who the Parliament considers have served and contributed to the interests of Gibraltar and its people in an exceptional manner that is particularly worthy of special recognition by the House on behalf of the people of Gibraltar".[3][4]

Once approved by Parliament, the awards are officially announced by the Mayor of Gibraltar prior to the symbolic release of the red and white balloons on Gibraltar National Day.[5] The Mayor then presents the recipients with the Medallions in a private ceremony held at a later date.[6]

In July 2011, the Gibraltar Parliament passed a motion allowing all Medallion recipients to use the letters GMH after their name as with other HM honours.[7]


Former Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Adolfo Canepa, recipient of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour in 2009.
Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino, recipient of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour in 2011.


Upon the award's establishment, the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour was bestowed, posthumously, upon the following persons:[8]


The 2009 recipients of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour were:[4][5]


The 2010 sole recipient of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour was:[9]


The 2011 sole recipient of the Gibraltar Medallion of Honour was:[7]

The Roll of Honour[edit]

A roll of Medallion recipients is kept: the Roll of Honour. Every year the historical roll is published. Besides the recipients of the Medallion, all recipients of the Freedom of the City are automatically entered into the roll.[2] They are the following:[8]


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