Gil Island (Azerbaijan)

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Gil Adasi / Glinyanyy
Island of the Baku Archipelago
Gil is located in Caspian_Sea
Coordinates: 39°56′53″N 49°28′58″E / 39.94806°N 49.48278°E / 39.94806; 49.48278
Country Azerbaijan
Municipality Ələt

Gil Island also Glinyanii Island (Azerbaijani: Gil Adası, Russian: остров Глиняный Ostrov Glinyanyy) is an island of Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea.


This island is part of the Baku Archipelago, which consists of the following islands: Boyuk Zira, Dash Zira, Qum Island, Zenbil, Sangi-Mugan or Svinoy, Chikil, Qara Su, Khara Zira, Gil, Ignat Dash and a few smaller ones.

It lies south of the bay, detached from the group, close to the town of Alat, about 3.5 km from the nearest shore.[1] Gil Island is about 1 km in length and 0.8 km wide. Gil Island has a long spit extending roughly westward.[2]