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In Norse mythology, Gilling was the frost giant, father of Suttungr and Baugi and grandfather of Gunnlöð. He and his wife were murdered by Fjalar and Galar. Gilling is also a surname, although not very common.


Gilling was said to be a foolish giant. Two dwarves, Fjalar and Galar, convinced him to row them out to the middle of a lake. They then sank the boat and grabbed on to the flotsam of the wreckage until they made it to shore. Gilling was too foolish to do this and he drowned. His wife was killed when the two dwarves next got on the roof of her house and loudly moaned that Gilling had died. When his wife, screaming in shock, ran outside, they dropped a millstone on her head, killing her as well.[1]

Suttungr vowed to get revenge and tied them to a rock that would soon be covered by the rising tide. The dwarves begged to be let free and promised to give him magic mead as a "thank you" for saving them. Suttung agreed and received the magic mead as a result.


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