Golden Mountains of Altai

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Golden Mountains of Altai
Altai Mountains
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Location Russia Edit this on Wikidata
Criteria x[1]
Reference 768
Coordinates 50°28′00″N 86°00′00″E / 50.4667°N 86°E / 50.4667; 86
Inscription 1998 (22nd Session)
Golden Mountains of Altai is located in Russia
Golden Mountains of Altai
Location of Golden Mountains of Altai

Golden Mountains of Altai is the name of an UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of the Altai and Katun Natural Reserves, Lake Teletskoye, Belukha Mountain, and the Ukok Plateau. As stated in the UNESCO description of the site, "the region represents the most complete sequence of altitudinal vegetation zones in central Siberia, from steppe, forest-steppe, mixed forest, subalpine vegetation to alpine vegetation".[2] While making its decision, UNESCO also cited Russian Altai's importance for preservation of the globally endangered mammals, such as snow leopard and the Altai argali. The site covers a vast area of 16,175 km².[3]


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Coordinates: 50°28′00″N 86°00′00″E / 50.46667°N 86.00000°E / 50.46667; 86.00000