Great Britain national korfball team

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Great Britain
Association British Korfball Association (BKA)
IKF membership 1946
World Championships
Appearances 7
First appearance 1978
Best result 3rd place, 1987
World Games
Appearances 7
First appearance 1985
Best result 4th place, 1985
European Championships
Appearances 3
First appearance 1998
Best result 5th place, 1998, 2002, 2006

The Great Britain korfball team is managed by the British Korfball Association (BKA), representing Great Britain in korfball international competitions. In 2007 it was split in 3 national teams: England, Wales and Scotland, that compete in all international competitions except the World Games, where they compete as a unified Great Britain and Northern Ireland korfball team.

Tournament history[edit]

World Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
1978 1st World Championship Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 4th place
1984 2nd World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 4th place
1987 3rd World Championship Makkum (The Netherlands) Med 3.png 3rd place
1991 4th World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 5th place
1995 5th World Championship New Delhi (India) 8th place
1999 6th World Championship Adelaide (Australia) Med 3.png 3rd place
2003 7th World Championship Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 5th place
World Games
Year Championship Host Classification
1985 2nd World Games London (England) 4th place
1989 3rd World Games Karlsruhe (Germany) 5th place
1993 4th World Games The Hague (Netherlands) 6th place
2001 6th World Games Akita (Japan) 5th place
2005 7th World Games Duisburg (Germany) 6th place
2009 8th World Games Kaohsiung (Taiwan) 7th place
2013 9th World Games Cali (Colombia) 5th place
European Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
1998 1st European Championship Portugal 5th place
2002 2nd European Championship Terrassa (Spain) 5th place
2006 3rd European Championship Budapest (Hungary) 5th place

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