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Association Korfball Federation of India (KFI)
IKF membership 1980
IKF code IND India
IKF rank 13 (Nov.2013)
World Championships
Appearances 6
First appearance 1991
Best result 11th place, 1991, 1999
World Games
Appearances 1
First appearance 1985
Best result 6th place, 1985
Asia-Oceania Championship
Appearances ?
First appearance ?
Best result 3rd place
Asia Championship
Appearances 1
First appearance 2008
Best result 2n place, 2008

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) was founded in Antwerp (Belgium) on 11 June 1933 as a continuation of the International Korfball Bureau established in 1924 by the Dutch and Belgian Associations.The IKF was officially recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1993 and is affiliated to Sportaccord (Sportaccord), the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF) and the International World Games Association (IWGA).The IKF aims to spread korfball around the globe. It provides close to sixty (60) affiliated member countries with financial, material, and structural support to achieve this goal. It has established a network of contacts in many countries and actively promotes the game by transferring knowledge internationally by exchange programmes and inviting selected korfball players, coaches, and administrators to its training courses to create a stable local structure in all the affiliated countries on which a flourishing korfball organisation can be built.The IKF is organised in five Continental Confederations – IKF Africa, IKF Americas, IKF Asia, IKF Europe and IKF Oceania – since 2011.The IKF General Meeting is the highest authority in the IKF. The IKF is managed on a daily base by the IKF Executive Committee – 8 members – and the IKF Council – 12 members.The IKF stimulates the global awareness that korfball is a spectator and media oriented mixed gender teamsport.

The India national korfball team is managed by the Korfball Federation of India (KFI), representing India in korfball international competitions.

India is the oldest korfball playing country in Asia. In 1979, when the game was first introduced in India, korfball popularity has continued to rise and now the game is being played in 27 States with each state having its own association to promote and organise events. Korfball is recognised by the Union Ministry for Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and national championships in senior, junior and sub-junior categories and the inter-University and inter-school championships are being held regularly.

Korfball has produced some talented players who have made their state and country proud, including Pardeep Dahiya (Haryana),Mukesh Khandelwal ( Uttar Pradesh), Vizeta Marchino (Bihar), Rineesh Mittal, Aparna Singh (Uttar Pradesh), Rampal (Haryana), Mohan Padwanshi (Maharashtra),Nitu Chandra (Bihar), Madam (Haryana). Rineesh Mittal and Vizeta Marchino were regular members of the Indian team from 1991–96.

Tournament History

World Championships[1]
Year Championship Host Classification
1991 4th World Championship Antwerp (Belgium) 11th place
1995 5th World Championship New Delhi (India) 12th place
1999 6th World Championship Adelaide (Australia) 11th place
2003 7th World Championship Rotterdam (The Netherlands) 14th place
2007 8th World Championship Brno (Czech Republic) 12th place
2011 9th World Championship Shaoxing (China) 13th place
World Games[2]
Year Championship Host Classification
1985 2nd World Games London (England) 6th place
Asia-Oceania Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
1992 2nd Asia-Oceania Championship Delhi (India)
1994 3rd Asia-Oceania Championship Adelaide (Australia)  ?
1998 4th Asia-Oceania Championship Durban (South Africa)
2002 5th Asia-Oceania Championship Delhi (India) Med 3.png 3rd place
2006 7th Asia-Oceania Championship Hong Kong Med 3.png 3rd place
2010 8th Asia-Oceania Championship China 5th place
Asia Championships
Year Championship Host Classification
2008 2nd Asian Championship Jaipur (India) Med 2.png 2nd place
Junior World Cup
Year Championship Host Classification
2009 19th Junior World Cup Tournament Netherlands 7th place

Current squad[edit]

National team in the 2011 World Championship

  • Chetna
  • Pooja Thapa
  • Shalini
  • Sushila Saini
  • Savita
  • Natasha
  • Srishti Kansar
  • Pardeep Dahiya (Captain)
  • Nitesh
  • Rajesh Chhikara
  • Saurabh
  • Dev Balhara
  • Puneet Kumar

chief coach : Mukesh Khandelwal

[1]The Indian korfball team participated in the Asian – Oceania U23 Youth Korfball Championship in Adelaide (Australia) held between 9–16 July. The team reached the final where it lost against the reigning Asian – Oceania Korfball Champion, Chinese Taipei on 16 July 2011. India won five out of seven matches it played. The matches it won were against Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. The only matches it lost were both against Chinese Taipei, including the final.[1]India came third place 2 times (2002 & 2006)[2] in the Asia-Oceania Korfball Championship.

IKF World Korfball Championship7 players of 15-member Indian team from Haryana Faridabad, 27 October Seven players of the 15-member Indian team for the ninth IKF World Korfball Championship, which left for Shaoxing (China) on Tuesday, hail from Haryana, a testament to state's emergence as a powerhouse in sports.The Indian team for the korfball championship to be held at Shaoxing, China, being given a sendoff. A Tribune photo


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