European Korfball Championship

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European Korfball Championship
RegionInternational (IKF)
Number of teams8 (finals)
Current champions Netherlands (7th title)
Most successful team(s) Netherlands (7 titles)
WebsiteInternational Korfball Federation
2018 IKF European Korfball A-Championship

European Korfball Championship or European Korfball A-Championship is a korfball competition for European national teams organized by the International Korfball Federation. It was played every four years from 1998 until 2014 and then moved to a tournament every two years, starting from 2016. The number of participated teams has varied between 8 and 16. The Netherlands national korfball team has won each edition.

From 2005 until 2013, the IKF organized the Korfball European Bowl for nations which had failed to qualify for the European Korfball Championship. In these tournaments it was possible to win places for the next European Korfball Championships and sometimes also IKF World Korfball Championships. The tournament was abolished in 2013 as the number of teams in the European Korfball Championship had risen to 16, however the IKF decided to bring this number down again to 8 by 2018 and to create a European Korfball B-Championship similar to the European Bowl but with a promotion/relegation system to be put into place between both championships. These B-Championships will first be held in 2018.


European Korfball Championship
Year Host Final Third place match #Number of teams
Champion Score Second place Third place Score Fourth place
I Details 1998  Portugal  Netherlands 26–13  Belgium  Portugal 16–13  Czech Republic 8
II Details 2002  Catalonia  Netherlands 15–9  Czech Republic  Belgium 29–9  Germany 10
III Details 2006  Hungary  Netherlands 25–14  Belgium  Czech Republic 16–15  Germany 8
IV Details 2010  Netherlands  Netherlands 25–21  Belgium  Czech Republic 18–11  Germany 16
V Details 2014  Portugal  Netherlands 32–20  Belgium  Portugal 22–14  England 16
VI Details 2016  Netherlands  Netherlands 27–14  Belgium  Catalonia 16–12  Portugal 10
VII Details 2018  Netherlands  Netherlands 21–8  Germany  Portugal 20–19  Belgium 8

Debut of teams[edit]

Year Debutants Total
1998  Belgium
 Czech Republic
 Great Britain
2002  Catalonia
2006  Russia 1
2010  England
2014 0
2016 0
2018 0[A]
2020 0
Total 17
  1. ^ Only participation in the A-Championship is included. In 2018,  France did play the B-Championship held at the same time and location.

Medals summary[edit]

1 Netherlands7007
2 Belgium0516
3 Czech Republic0123
4 Germany0101
5 Portugal0033
6 Catalonia0011
Totals (6 nations)77721

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