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Johnsons Building

Grosvenor Street is a street in Sydney, Australia. It runs east-west from York Street to George Street. It is in the local government area of the City of Sydney and the postcode is 2000. It is 200 metres long.[1]

Points of interest[edit]

Grosvenor Place This is a high-rise development designed by architect Harry Seidler and built in 1982-87. It occupies the block bounded by Grosvenor, George, Harrington and Essex Streets. The front foyer houses a number of paintings by the American artist Frank Stella.[2]

Johnsons Building This building is situated on the north corner of Grosvenor and George Streets. It was designed by Walter Liberty Vernon, who was formerly the government architect, and built in 1912.[3] It is part of a group which has been listed as heritage by both the State Government and the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.[4] It was restored as part of the Grosvenor Place development and was adapted for use as a hotel.

Royal Naval House This building was designed by Varney Parkes and built in 1890. It has been preserved and restored as part of the historic heritage group that also includes Johnsons Building. When restored, it was adapted as a centre for the Sydney Futures Exchange.[5]

Federation Hall This building was built from 1889–91 and extended substantially from 1923-24. It is located next door to Royal Naval House and was restored along with that building. It is now known as the Exchange Courtyard and is heritage-listed.

St Patrick's Catholic Church This church was designed by J.F.Hilly and built 1840-44.[6] Founded by Father Therry, it was the first Catholic church in Sydney and became the central church for the Irish community.

Church Hall Situated next to St Patrick's, the church hall was designed by Hennessy and Hennessy and built in 1914. It features the "blood and bandages" style composed of red bricks with contrasting white areas, and was influenced by British architects Mackintosh and Voysey.

Lang Park This park is a roughly triangular site situated on the corner of Grosvenor and York Streets.


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