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Guam Police patch
Guam Police Department Building in Tiyan

The Guam Police Department (Chamorro: Dipåttamenton Polisian Guåhan[1]) is the law enforcement agency in the United States territory of Guam. The department has jurisdiction across the entire territory, except for areas covered by the port, airport and military bases; the Guam Police Department has authority over military dependents on base, as civilians cannot be charged under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The police department is headquartered in the Guam Police Department Building in the Tiyan area of Barrigada,[2] and operates four precincts.[3]


The Guam Police Department was created in 1949. Prior to this, law enforcement on Guam was handled by the U.S. Navy administered Guam Insular Guard and the civilian run Guam Insular Patrol Force.[citation needed]



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