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Missouri State Highway Patrol
Missouri Highway Patrol.jpg
MottoTogether Protecting Missouri's Citizens
Simul protegens Missouri scriptor Cives (Latin)
Agency overview
  • April 24, 1931 (1931-04-24)
  • (90 years ago)
Employees2,336.00 (as of 2021)[1]
Annual budget$366,805,718 (2021)
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionMissouri, U.S.
MO - Missouri Troop Map.gif
Missouri State Highway Patrol Troops
Size69,704 square miles (180,530 km2)
Population6,083,672 (2016)[2]
Legal jurisdictionMissouri Statewide
Governing bodyMissouri Department of Public Safety
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters1510 East Elm Street Jefferson City, MO 65102
Troopers1,450 (as of 2020)[1]
Civilian employees1,189 (as of 2020)[1]
Director of MO DPS responsible
  • Sandy K. Karsten
Agency executives
Parent agencyMissouri Department of Public Safety
Dogs11 German Shepherds
  • April 24, 1931
MSHP Website

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is the highway patrol agency for Missouri and has jurisdiction anywhere within the state.

In 1992, MSHP became the 10th state law enforcement agency to receive accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

Colonel Eric T. Olson has been serving as the 24th Superintendent - Colonel since March 15, 2019. He was confirmed by the Missouri Senate on March 14, 2019.[3]

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is a division of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.


State laws pertaining to the Highway Patrol including its creation, powers, structure, mission and duties are specified in Chapter 43 of Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMo).[4] According to Chapter 43.025 RSMo: "The primary purpose of the highway patrol is to enforce the traffic laws and promote safety upon the highways. In addition the Missouri State Highway Patrol has responsibility in criminal interdiction which involves the suppression of marijuana, cocaine, and narcotics on the state's roads and highways including the Missouri Interstate System. As near as practicable all personnel of the patrol shall be used for carrying out these purposes." The MSHP has a criminal investigation division that investigates crimes statewide such as murder, robbery, burglary, rape and financial crimes.

Missouri State Highway Patrol officers (circa 1910)


A state trooper during the Ferguson unrest, September 2014

General Headquarters (GHQ) and the Law Enforcement Academy are located in Jefferson City, Missouri, the state capital.

The state is divided into nine Troops, with Troop headquarters and communications centers located in the following cities:

In addition, three of the Troops maintain service centers:

MSHP districts with their constituent troops and scale complexes
Troop A (Lee's Summit (Kansas City))[5] Troop B: (Macon)[6] Troop C:(Weldon Spring (St. Louis)[7] Troop D: (Springfield)[8] Troop E: (Poplar Bluff)[9] Troop F: (Jefferson City)[10] Troop G: (Willow Springs)[11] Troop H: (St. Joseph)[12] Troop I: (Rolla)[13]

Badge and rank structure[edit]

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is one of only five State Patrols forces that do not wear a badge on their uniform shirts. The Missouri State Highway Patrol uses a paramilitary rank structure and has the following ranks:[14]

Title Insignia Notes
Superintendent (rank of Colonel)
Colonel Silver.png
The Superintendent holds the rank of Colonel. Appointed by the Governor of Missouri. must be confirmed by the Missouri Senate
Assistant Superintendent (rank of Lieutenant Colonel)
US-O5 insignia.svg
The Assistant Superintendent holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and reports directly to the Superintendent and has authority over the units.
US-O4 insignia.svg
Majors are responsible for a command within the Highway Patrol.
US-O3 insignia.svg
A captain is a troop commander in the Field Operations Bureau or a division commander in one of the other bureaus.
US-O2 insignia.svg
A lieutenant is the assistant commander of a division/unit.
Master Sergeant
MO - State Police Sergeant Stripes.png
A Master Sergeant acts as a zone sergeant commanding a group of troopers.
MO - State Police Sergeant Stripes.png
A Sergeant supervises an entire Patrol shift in His/Her respective District.
MO - State Police Corporal.png
Corporals are the first-line supervisors and are usually assigned as road supervisors within barracks. In the absence of a sergeant, they may act as the duty officer.
Trooper No Insignia Candidates successfully completing the academy and field training are appointed as troopers.
Trooper Cadet No Insignia The trooper cadet program provides needed support and a clear pathway for those who are passionate about our state and are interested in a career in law enforcement.

State Trooper (Recruit) is the initial rank of oncoming Missouri State Highway Patrol, held while undergoing training at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Academy.[15]


A Dodge Charger police car in MSHP service.

The MSHP utilizes a variety of vehicles, including but not limited to, the Dodge Charger, Ford Police Interceptor (Taurus), Ford Police Interceptor Utility (Explorer), Ford F-150 and 250 series, Chevrolet Tahoe PPV, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2500 series, Chevrolet Impala 9C1. Both fully marked and semi-marked vehicles are used frequently. Colors include but not limited to: white, tan, blue, silver, black, gray, and maroon.


Lethal Options:

Less Lethal Options:

Command Staff[edit]

Bureau Title Name
Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent - Colonel Eric T. Olson
Patrol's Professional Standards Assistant Superintendent-Lieutenant Colonel Lance M. MacLaughlin
Field Operations Bureau Major Gregory K. Smith
Criminal Investigation Bureau Major Sarah L. Eberhard
Administrative Services Bureau Major Vince S. Rice
Support Services Bureau Major Michael A. Turner
Technical Services Bureau Major David A. Flannigan Executive Services Bureau

Major Scott A. Shipers


  • Superintendent The Missouri State Highway Patrol is under the command of Colonel Eric T. Olson, who was appointed Superintendent effective March 14, 2019. The Superintendent is supported by the Assistant Superintendent and Bureau Commanders.
  • Assistant Superintendent Lieutenant Colonel Lance M. MacLaughlin serves as the assistant superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. In addition to acting in the superintendent’s absence and at his request, Lieutenant Colonel MacLaughlin has direct oversight over the Professional Standards Division, Public Information, and Education Division, the Office of Community Engagement, and Outreach, and the Patrol’s legal counsel.[16]
  • Major Gregory K. Smith commands the Patrol's Field Operations Bureau, which has authority over the Patrol's nine Troops, the Aircraft Division and the Water Patrol Division.
  • Major Sarah L. Eberhard oversees the Criminal Investigation Bureau, which has authority over the Crime Laboratory, Drug and Crime Control, Gaming, Governor's Security, and MIAC divisions.[16]
  • Major Vince S. Rice commander of the Administrative Services Bureau, which has authority over the Career Recruitment, Human Resources, and Training divisions and coordinates their activities with the troops.[16]
  • Major Michael A. Turner is commander of the Support Services Bureau, which directs the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Driver Examination, Motor Vehicle Inspection and Fleet and Facilities divisions and coordinates their activities with the troops. Major Turner is also responsible for capitol improvements.[16]
  • Major David A. Flannigan responsible for the Technical Services Bureau, which directs the Criminal Justice Information Services, Communications and Patrol Records divisions and coordinates their activities with the troops.[16]
  • Major Scott A. Shipers has oversight of the Executive Services Bureau, which directs the Budget and Procurement Division, Research and Development Division, and legislative liaison.[16]

Field Operations Bureau[edit]

  • Commander Major Gregory K. Smith
  • Captain Norman A. Murphy
  • Lieutenant Michael A. Halford
  • Lieutenant Brian L. Daniel
  • Tamie Quigley - Special Assistant
  • Gretchen Vislay - Crime Victim Advocate

Criminal Investigation Bureau[edit]

  • Captain Kyle D. Marquart works under the direction of the Commander Major Sarah L. Eberhard.

Water Patrol Division[edit]

  • Division Director: Captain Matt Walz
  • Assistant Division Director: Lieutenant Mike Petlansky

Recruiting & Community Outreach Division[edit]

  • Division Director: Captain Benjamin C. Jones works under the direction of commander of the Administrative Services Bureau.[17][18]

The Recruiting and Community Outreach Division under the Administrative Services Bureau, General Headquarters, Jefferson City, MO

Fallen Officers[edit]

31 Troopers have been killed while on duty since 1931 with one Highway Patrol member dying in World War II.[19][20]

The members are as follows:

Rank Name Date of Death Cause of Death Age Location
Sergeant Benjamin Oliver Booth 06-14-1933 Shot and killed along with Boone County Sheriff Roger Wilson while manning a roadblock in an attempt to catch 2 bank robbers 35 Intersection of U.S. Highway 40 and U.S. Highway 63; just north of his residence in Columbia, Missouri
Trooper Fred L. Walker 12-03-1941 Shot and killed while transporting 2 car thieves to jail; he failed to find a pistol on them and was shot going down the road 33 Near Ste. Genevieve and Bloomdale in Ste. Genevieve County
Trooper Victor O. Dosing 12-07-1941 Shot and killed in a cafe/apartment while helping Trooper Sam Graham, local officer John Love, and Justice of the Peace A.F. Stubbs arrest an Army Private wanted for murder 34 In the Coffee Pot Cafe one mile south of Galloway, Missouri and near Springfield, Missouri
Trooper James D. Ellis 10-16-1942 Killed in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp; the only Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper to die in the military 29 Manila, Philippines
Trooper Charles P. Corbin 09-15-1943 Killed while on patrol with Public Service Commission Inspector Ed Bilyeau; a tractor trailer came into his lane and hit him head-on while on a narrow bridge 27 On U.S. Highway 71 north of Carthage, Missouri
Trooper Ross S. Creach 12-12-1943 Struck and killed by a speeding car while helping a tow truck get a tractor trailer out of a ditch 24 U.S. Highway 36, 5.5 miles west of Shelbina, Missouri in Shelby County
Trooper John N. Greim 07-13-1945 Killed in a plane crash during a pursuit along with the plane's owner 32 Just over the Missouri-Arkansas line near Corning, Arkansas
Trooper Wayne W. Allman 10-27-1955 Killed in a car crash while en route to another crash 34 Intersection of Missouri State Route 35 and Missouri State Route B
Trooper Jesse R. Jenkins 10-14-1969 Shot and killed during a court sentencing hearing 29 In the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Montgomery City, Missouri
Trooper Gary W. Snodgrass 02-21-1970 Killed in a single car crash after losing control in a curve 24 On Missouri Highway 36; 7 miles east of Salem, Missouri in Dent County
Trooper William R. Brandt 06-12-1970 Killed when tornado-like winds put his car into a bridge abutment 23 U.S. Highway 36 near Macon, Missouri
Trooper Dennis H. Marriott 06-13-1981 Died from injuries sustained after being hit by a car during a traffic stop on 06-01-1981 36 U.S. Highway 54 in Jefferson City, Missouri in Cole County
Trooper James M. Froemsdorf 03-02-1985 Shot and killed while taking a wanted man to jail; the suspect got his hand free and stole Froemsdorf's gun 35 On I-55 near Brewer, Missouri
Trooper Jimmie E. Linegar 04-15-1985 Shot and killed while on a traffic stop with Trooper Allen D. Hines 31 At the intersection of U.S. Highway 65 and Missouri Highway 86 south of Branson, Missouri
Trooper Russell W. Harper 02-08-1987 Shot and killed while on a traffic stop 45 East of U.S. Highway 65 and U.S. Highway 60 near Farm Route 189 in Greene County, Missouri
Corporal Henry C. Bruns 02-16-1987 Killed after the vehicle in which he was a passenger, lost control on the icy roadway and hit a bridge abutment 41 Missouri Highway 6 in Buchanan County
Trooper Robert J. Kolilis 11-21-1988 Struck and killed by a truck while investigating 2 stopped cars on the side of the road 24 On Missouri Route M in Washington County near Irondale, Missouri
Corporal Michael E. Webster 10-02-1993 Struck and killed by a drunk driver while on a traffic stop 33 On U.S. Highway 40 in Blue Springs, Missouri in Jackson County
Sergeant Randy V. Sullivan 02-17-1996 Killed in a single car wreck after losing control and hitting trees while trying to pull over a speeding car 40 On Missouri Highway 72 in Madison County, 8 miles west of Fredericktown, Missouri
Sergeant David C. May 05-17-1999 Killed in a helicopter crash while having a photographer take pictures of the ongoing local Special Olympics 41 Behind the Union Planter's Bank in Poplar Bluff, Missouri in Butler County
Sergeant Robert G. Kimberling 10-06-1999 Shot and killed after pulling a suspect over who didn't pay for gas 43 On I-29 in St. Joseph, Missouri in Buchanan County
Sergeant Robert A. Guilliams 02-16-2001 Killed after losing control in the rain while responding to a car crash 41 On I-55 in Pemiscot County approx. 16 miles north of the Missouri-Arkansas state line
Trooper Kelly N. Poynter 01-18-2002 Struck and killed by a drunk driver while helping out at a car wreck 27 U.S. Highway 63 in Texas County; 2 miles south of Houston, Missouri
Trooper Michael L. Newton 05-22-2003 Struck by a truck and killed while sitting in his car with a driver he had pulled over 25 On I-70 near the 47 mile marker in Lafayette County
Sergeant Carl D. "DeWayne" Graham, Jr. 03-20-2005 Shot and killed after an ambush at his residence as he just got home 37 Van Buren in Carter County, Missouri
Trooper Ralph C. Tatoian 04-20-2005 Killed in a single car crash while responding to a manhunt for an armed bank robber in the Franklin County who shot at deputies in Gasconade County 32 On I-44 in Franklin County
Corporal John A. "Jay" Sampietro, Jr. 08-17-2005 Struck and killed by a vehicle while directing traffic at a car crash scene 36 On I-44 near Stafford in Webster County, Missouri
Trooper Donald K. "Kevin" Floyd 11-22-2005 Struck and killed by a truck while on a traffic stop 45 U.S Highway 60 approx. one mile east of Missouri Route MM in Texas County, Missouri
Corporal Dennis E. Engelhard 12-25-2009 Struck and killed by a truck on the icy roadway while investigating an earlier crash 49 On I-44 east of Eureka, Missouri
Sergeant Joseph G. Schuengel 10-15-2010 Killed in a helicopter crash 47 Near the intersection of Clarkson Road and Kehr Mills Road in St. Louis County
Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie, Jr. 08-01-2011 Drowned along with his K9, Reed, when they were swept away by high water while working Missouri River flood duty 46 In the area of Big Lake near Missouri Highway 118 and Missouri Highway 111 in Holt County, Missouri
K9 Reed 08-01-2011 Drowned along with his handler, Trooper Frederick F. Guthrie, Jr., when they were swept away by high water while working Missouri River flood duty N/A In the area of Big Lake near Missouri Highway 118 and Missouri Highway 111 in Holt County, Missouri
Trooper James M. Bava 08-28-2015 Killed in a single-car crash while trying to pursue a motorcycle 25 On Missouri Route FF, just east of Audrain County Road 977 in Audrain County, Missouri

List of Superintendents[edit]

Superintendent Term began & Term Ended
Lewis Ellis 1931–1935
B. Marvin Castee 1936–1939
William J. Ramsey 1940–1941
M. Stanley Ginn 1941–1945
Otis L. Wallis 1945–1945
Hugh H. Waggoner 1945–1948
David E. Harrison 1948–1953
Hugh H. Waggoner 1953–1957
Hugh H. Waggoner 1957–1964
E.I. (Mike) Hockaday 1969–1973
Sam S. Smith 1973-1977
Al R. Lubker 1976–1977
William A. Dolan 1977–1981
Allen S. Whitmer 1981–1982
Howard J. Hoffman 1982–1988
John H. Ford 1988–1989[21]
Clarence E. (Mel) Fisher 1989–1993[21]
Fred M. Mills 1993–1997[22]
Weldon L. Wilhoit 1997–2001[22]
Roger D. Stottlemyre 2001–2006[23]
James F. Keathley 2006–2010[23]
Ronald K. Replogle 2010–2015
J. Bret Johnson 2015–2017
Sandra K. Karsten 2017–2018
Eric T. Olson 2019–Present

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