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Haji Danter is a village in Anantnag tehsil in Anantnag district in the Indian state of Jammu Kashmir. It is adjacent to Anantnag town, just 2 km away from lalchowk Anantnag. The approaches to the village are through Achabal Adda, Khanabal chowk and Naid khunoo Harnaag. The village is surrounded by all the three main Rivers of Anantnag, The Brengi, The Aarpath, The Saandran. The village used to be main business hub in early times, because of water transport. The place has a port in its surroundings called Ghaati pushwara. The place has the first automatic hydral grinding machine called jindra, where people from far away places used to come and get their rice and spices ground.

The village has a population of around 1500 and has highest literacy rate among the areas surrounding it.The area being surrounded by rivers on all sides is frequently hit by floods. The main religion of the people is Islam and are liberal in nature.


Kashmiri is the local language here. People also speak Urdu and Hindi. The place has population of about 1500 and has literacy rate of more than 85%.

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