Hamamatsuchō, Minato, Tokyo

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This article is about the area in eastern Tōkyō. For the city in Shizuoka Prefecture, see Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. For the JR / Tokyo Monorail station, see Hamamatsuchō Station

Hamamatsuchō (浜松町?) is a business and commercial ward in Minato-Ku ward in Tokyo, Japan.[1] Hamamatsucho is located along the Tokyo Bay, with spectacular views for Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge. Hamamatsucho is South of Shinbashi District.

Companies based in Hamamatsuchō[edit]


Places in Hamamatsucho[edit]

  • Manneken Pis - A working replica of Manneken Pis can be found in Hamamatsuchō. The statue is a great source of pride for station workers who dress it in various costumes at different times of year.[3]
    A Japanese variant of Manneken Pis at Hamamatsucho Station


35°39′28″N 139°45′25″E / 35.657767°N 139.756893°E / 35.657767; 139.756893Coordinates: 35°39′28″N 139°45′25″E / 35.657767°N 139.756893°E / 35.657767; 139.756893