Haradinaj Cabinet

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Haradinaj Cabinet
cabinet of Kosovo
9 September 2017 – Present
Ramush Haradinaj (-125880784).jpg
Date formed9 November 2017 (2017-11-09)
People and organisations
Head of stateHashim Thaçi
Head of governmentRamush Haradinaj
Deputy head of governmentBehgjet Pacolli
Member partiesPDK AAK NISMA AKR
Opposition partiesLDK LV PSD SL
Legislature term(s)6th legislature of the Assembly
PredecessorMustafa Cabinet

The Haradinaj Cabinet de jure formed the government of Kosovo between 9 September 2017 and to the present upon the defeat of Isa Mustafa and the LA Coalition in the 2017 elections. The cabinet was made up of members of the PANA Coalition and some members of the opposition.


The cabinet consists of the following Ministers:

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj9 September 2017PresentAAK
First Deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli9 September 2017PresentAKR
Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj9 September 2017PresentNISMA
Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj9 September 2017PresentPDK
Deputy Prime Minister Dalibor Jevtić9 September 2017PresentSerb List
Deputy Prime Minister Dardan Gashi9 September 2017PresentPANA
Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli9 September 2017PresentAKR
Minister of Communities and Returns Dalibor Jevtić9 September 2017PresentSerb List
Minister of Diaspora Dardan Gashi9 September 2017PresentPANA
Minister of Defense Rrustem Berisha9 September 2017PresentAAK
Minister of Infrastructure Pal Lekaj10 September 2017PresentAAK
Minister of Finances Bedri Hamza9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of Health Uran Ismajli9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Kujtim Gashi9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of European Integration Dhurata Hoxha9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of Justice Abelard Tahiri9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Besim Beqaj9 September 2017PresentPDK
Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Skender Reçica9 September 2017PresentNISMA
Minister of Education, Science and Technology Shyqeri Bytyqi9 September 2017PresentNISMA
Minister of Trade and Industry Burim Rrecaj9 September 20175 September 2018NISMA
 Endrit Shala1 October 2018PresentNISMA
Minister of Internal Affairs Flamur Sefaj9 September 201730 May 2018AKR
 Bejtush Gashi13 April 201830 September 2018AKR
 Ekrem Mustafa1 October 2018PresentAKR
Minister of Economic Development Valdrin Lluka9 September 2017PresentAKR
Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Fatmir Matoshi9 September 2017PresentAKR
Minister of Administration and Local Government Ivan Todosijević9 September 2017PresentSerb List
Minister of Agriculture Nenad Rikalo9 September 20172 February 2019Serb List
Minister of Public Administration Mahir Yağcılar9 September 2017PresentKDTP
Minister of Rural Development Rasim Demiri9 September 2017PresentVakat


  • 9 September 2017: Ramush Haradinaj and the majority of his cabinet take office.
  • 10 September 2017: Pal Lekaj, the Minister of Infrastructure, takes office.
  • 26 January 2018: An attempt to dismiss Dardan Gashi failed with only 36 of 88 MPs voting in favor.[1]
  • 30 May 2018: Flamur Sefaj, the Minister of Internal Affairs, is dismissed after deporting several Turkish nationals.[2]
  • 12 April 2018: The Special Prosecution of Kosovo filed an indictment against Pal Lekaj for corruption.[3]
  • 13 April 2018: Bejtush Gashi, the Minister of Internal Affairs, takes office.[4]
  • 5 September 2018: Burim Rrecaj, the Minister of Trade and Industry, is dismissed.[5]
  • 30 September 2018: Bejtush Gashi, the Minister of Internal Affairs, is dismissed.[6]
  • 1 October 2018: Endrit Shala, the Minister of Trade and Industry, takes office.[7] Ekrem Mustafa, the Minister of Internal Affairs, takes office.
  • 21 November 2018: Kosovo increases tariffs on Serbia and Bosnia by 100%.[8]


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