Heidarieh Mosque, Qazvin

Coordinates: 36°15′55″N 50°00′20″E / 36.26528°N 50.00556°E / 36.26528; 50.00556
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Heidarieh Mosque
مسجد حیدریه قزوین
Heydarieh mosque qazvin.jpg
AffiliationShia Islam
LocationQazvin, Iran
Geographic coordinates36°15′55″N 50°00′20″E / 36.26528°N 50.00556°E / 36.26528; 50.00556

Heydarieh Mosque (Persian: مسجد حیدریه قزوین) is a building in the city of Qazvin in Iran.

Although renovated by Amir Khomär-täsh (Malikshah's vizier) after the earthquake of 1119 CE, the history of construction of this edifice goes back to pre-Islam, where it was a Zoroastrian fire temple.

The building today sits in the yard of an elementary school, and functions as the school's library and auditorium.

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