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Joining Wikipedia

Wikipedia is more than just an encyclopedia. It is a world-wide community of people who volunteer their time and share knowledge in order to make the world a better place. You are welcome to join us in this important mission...

Getting an account[edit]

Why create an account? (to get more privileges and to make communication easier)
Choosing a username
How to log in


Who writes Wikipedia? (Anyone with Internet access)
We are Wikipedians
Talk pages  — how to communicate in Wikipedia
WikiProjects — collaborate with others to develop your favorite subject areas
Quick directory/Department directory

Getting started[edit]

Just go for it! — the easiest and fastest way to get involved is to click on the edit tab at the top of an article that interests you, and improve the article in the editor that appears.

Keep in mind...
The Five Pillars  (the core rules)
{{tutorials}} — place this on your user page to display a navigation box with helpful links
Plain and simple — the basic mechanics of Wikipedia
Primer for newcomers — an overview for new contributors
Advice for parents

Where to next?[edit]