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A hero is a person who performs extraordinary deeds for the benefit of others.

Hero may also refer to:


  • Hero of Alexandria (c. 10–70 AD), ancient Greek mathematician
  • Hero the Younger (fl. 938), Byzantine land surveyor
  • Agent Hero, codename for Soviet double agent Oleg Penkovsky (1919–1963)
  • Hero, stage name of Justin Cassell (fl. 1950s), Montserratian calypso musician
  • Hero (singer), stage name of Kim Jaejoong (born 1986), former member of Korean boy band TVXQ and current member of JYJ

Ancient religion[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]



  • H.E.R.O., a 1984 computer and video game
  • Hero Online, a 2006 online roleplaying game
  • Hero System, a generic roleplaying game system published by Hero Games
  • Guitar Hero, a series of music rhythm games
  • Hero, common name for the franchise of musical performance simulation games including Guitar Hero
  • Hero, the default name for the protagonists of the Dragon Quest series





Opera and musicals[edit]





Manufacturing companies[edit]

Sports and racing[edit]

  • Hero's, a mixed martial arts organization
  • Heroic (horse) (1921–1939), Australian racehorse
  • HERO, HERO2, HERO3, and HERO4 are generations of sports cameras made by GoPro


  • Hero image, a large graphic with a small amount of text, at the top of a page.
  • HERO (robot), a series of educational robots
  • HTC Hero, a smartphone running the Android platform


Other uses[edit]

  • Hero sandwich, a regional name for a submarine sandwich
  • HEROs, Hyper Extremely Red Objects, astronomical sources of radiation with extreme redshift
  • Hero (genus), a genus of sea snails and sea slugs, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Heroidae
  • Hero (given name), the personal name.
  • Hero, a roller coaster at Flamingo Land Resort.
  • Hero prop, a highly detailed prop in a theater or film production intended for close-up viewing.
  • Hero stone, old memorials found all over India

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