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Nvidia's High-Definition Digital Processing (HDVP) is a HDTV accelerator on the Geforce 2 GTS. It has a downscalar that supports 1080i and 720p to sdtv resolution. In combination with a tuner chip it creates an accelerated hdtv viewing system that supports time-shifted recording. The Geforce 2 GTS also includes second generation motion compensation, improved from the motion compensation on the Geforce 256. It does not seem to include IDCT acceleration. The HDVP also includes de-interlace acceleration including bob, weave, temporal filter, and advanced de-interlacing. Finally, HDVP supports subpicture compositing, and color enhancements including brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation.[1] nVidia's HDVP would endure through the GeForce 4 Series in the Geforce 4 Ti NV25.[2]

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