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Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre
Motto Learning, Respect, Belonging
Type Academy and Sixth form college
Principal Mrs Lees
Location Ashford Road Tenterden
TN30 6LT
Local authority Kent
DfE URN 118880 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Staff 250+
Students 2500+
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18


  • Discovery
  • Icollege
  • World
  • Enterprise
  • Arts
  • Sixth form

Blue,Black,White (Changed from purple in 2011)

Website www.homewood-school.co.uk

Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre is an academy school in Tenterden, Kent, England. It has over 2500 students and 250+ staff. Homewood is a non-selective school, but is situated within the Kent selective system so it has a student profile that is half way between comprehensive and secondary modern. It has been awarded specialist Arts College status.

It provides education for students from the town itself, surrounding villages and also from Ashford. It is a popular school and is oversubscribed each year at admissions time. Results have improved over the last ten years after the school was given significant government money to build new buildings as part of an expansion of the school to accommodate growth in the urban area of South Ashford.


The school is split into five mini-schools named

  • 6 Form -
  • Discovery -
  • Arts -
  • Enterprise -
  • World -
  • ICollege -

It is innovative in its approach to organization: it follows a five-term year, having mixed age form groups, enters students for GCSE a year earlier than the national norm which enables students to start AS Level courses or take extra GCSE courses or do any retakes they might need to do.

Homewood is classified as a "leading school" in ICT. It has online facilities that allow students, parents and teachers to access school work externally.

Homewood works through a system called total curriculum for the first two years. This is all of the main topics in one. Until GCSE years students cover part of English and math with history, geography and ERS. Total Curriculum which hasn't proven to be very popular amongst students but some teachers believe it a good use of the information they learned in the four subjects.

Homewood offers at GCSE level, extra courses like BTEC, as well as Brick Laying, Woodwork and Catering on top of all the major GCSE courses, students may also carry on these subjects at level 3 in sixth form, or year 11 if they have passed with a high enough mark at level 2.

The school operates a laptop scheme in association with the e-learning Foundation, this means that each student is able to get a laptop that they can use at school and at home for a cash donation each month, currently a payment of £15 must be made each month for 20 months, after this period the student gets to keep the laptop, however the any software on the machine is owned by and licensed to Homewood School.

The school is currently full and has been for many years although there is a long waiting list that students who want to join the school can go on but it can take up to a year+.

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Jonathan Small

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