List of Hong Kong films of 1967

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1967:


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Adventures Of A Scholar Law Gwan Hung
Angel With The Iron Fists Lo Wei
Asia-Pol Mak Chi Woh, Mastuo Shoden
The Assassin Chang Cheh
Auntie Lan Griffin Yueh Feng
The Bandits (H.K. film) San Seung Yuk
Beauty's Trap
The Black And The White Cats Lung To
Black Falcon Daai Go Mei
The Black Killer Cheung Wai Gwong
The Black Swan Ling Yun
Blood Stains The Iron Fist Lo Yu Chi
The Cave of the Silken Web Ho Meng Hua Ho Fan, Angela Yu Chien Fantasy
One-Armed Swordsman Chang Cheh Jimmy Wang
Rape of the Sword Yueh Feng Li Li-Hua, Li Ching, Chan Hung lit, Kiu Chong, Tien Feng
Title Director Cast Genre Notes

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