List of Hong Kong films of 1975

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A list of films produced in Hong Kong in 1975:


Title Director Cast Genre Notes
18 Shaolin Disciples
24 Hours Romance
All in the Family Zhu Mu Jackie Chan Comedy Cited as a porn film
All Men Are Brothers Chang Cheh, Wu Ma
All Mixed Up Ho Meng Hua
Anti-Corruption Ng See Yuen
The Association Jeong Chang-hwa
Bald-Headed Betty Cheung Sam
Bar Girl Cheung Chang Chak
The Bedevilled Lo Wei
Big Brother Cheng Kuei Chih Hung Chen Kuan-tai
The Big Hold Up Chu Yuan
Black Alice Ding Sin Saai
Black Dragon Kim Seon Kyeong
The Black Dragon's Revenge Tony Liu
Black Magic Ho Meng Hua Ti Lung, Lo Lieh
Blood And Rose
Blood Promise (film)
The Bloody Escape Sun Chung
Bons Baisers de Hong Kong Yvan Chiffre
Born Of Fire Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun
Boxer's Last Stand
Bravest One Faan Daan
Bruce Lee Against Supermen Wu Chia Chun
Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Carry On Con Men Wong Fung
Cheung Po Chai Gwaan Jing Leung
Chinese Amazons Lee Ga
Chinese Dragon Chang Yi
Chinese Superior Kung Fu
Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold Charles Bail
Cohabitation Sun Chung
Confession of a Concubine Florence Yu Fung Chi
Conspiracy of Thieves Larry Tu Chong Hsun
A Cookbook of Birth Control Steve Chan Ho
The Crazy Guy
Cuties Parade Poon Lui
The Death Player Kong Ban
A Debt of Crime Chan Chun
Deep Autumn Love
Desperate Avenger Chan Hung Man
Disciples of Shaolin Chang Cheh
Don't Call Me Uncle Richard Yeung Kuen
Dragon Gate Ulysses Au-Yeung Jun
Dragon Kid San Kong
Dragon Tamers John Woo
Eight Hundred Heroes
The Empress Dowager Li Han Hsiang
Enjoy Longevity 300 Years Richard Yeung Kuen
Evergreen Tree
Family In Thousands Woo Siu Fung
Fantasies Behind The Pearly Curtain Pai Ching Jui
The Fantastic Magic Baby Chang Cheh
Fearful Interlude Kuei Chih Hung
Female Chivalry Yeung Jing Chan
Female Fugitive Kao Pao Shu
Fertility Bank Steve Chan Ho
Fierce Among Strong Yeung Yee Muk
The Fighting Dragon
Filial Son
Fists of Dragons Yen Yung Tsu
The Floating Clouds
The Flying Guillotine Ho Meng Hua
Forbidden Tales of Two Cities Li Han Hsiang
Frigidity Kenneth Tsang
Gambling For Head
Gambling Syndicate Cheung Chang Chak
The Gangster Match-Maker Suen Sing Yuen
The Girl With The Dexterous Touch
Girl With The Long Hair Ho Fan
Girl's Diary Lui Kei
The Golden Lion Ho Meng Hua
Golden Needles
Goodbye Bruce Lee Lin Bing
The Great Hunter
The Happy Trio John Law
A Haunted House Ng See Yuen
He Loved Once Too Many
Heroes Behind The Enemy Lines
Heroine Yeung Jing Chan
The Holocaust Cheung Mei Gwan
Honeymoon Killer Lau Wai Ban
Hong Kong Superman Ding Sin Saai
The Hooker and the Hustler Lui Kei
Hot Wave Man Sek Ling
The Imposter Pao Hsueh Lieh
Invitation From Hell
Iron Man Cheung Yat Woo
It's All In The Family Law Chun
Kill the Ninja
Kill the Shogun
Kissed by the Wolves Chan Hung-lit Alan Tang, Angela Pan, Dean Shek, Lydia Shum, Chan Hung-lit Adult
Kun Pi Rome Bunnag
Kung Fu Stars Law Kei
Lady of the Law San Kong
Land of the Undaunted
The Last Message Michael Hui Michael Hui, Samuel Hui, Ricky Hui, James Tien, Roy Chiao, Dean Shek, Joseph Koo Comedy
Laugh In The Sleeve Lee Tit
The Legend of Mother Goddess Hau Chang
The Life God
Little Sister In Law Yeung Siu
Little Super Man Ng See Yuen
Love Story of Pian Pian
Lover's Destiny Chu Yuan
The Monk Dean Shek Dean Shek Martial arts

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