House on Mosfilmovskaya

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Mosfilm Tower
House on Mosfilmovskaya.jpg
Location in Moscow
General information
Architectural stylePostmodern
LocationMoscow, Russia
Coordinates55°43′39″N 37°28′48″E / 55.72750°N 37.48000°E / 55.72750; 37.48000Coordinates: 55°43′39″N 37°28′48″E / 55.72750°N 37.48000°E / 55.72750; 37.48000
Estimated completion2011
Roof213 m (699 ft) (taller tower)
131 m (430 ft) (lower tower)
Technical details
Floor count54 (taller tower)
34 (lower tower)
Design and construction
DeveloperDonStroy corp.

The Mosfilm Tower[citation needed] (Russian: Дом на Мосфильмовской) is a Russian skyscraper in the Mosfilmovskaya section of Moscow, Russia. This building, located on Mosfilmovskaya street, is a residential complex consisting of 2 towers: one of 213 meters (54 floors) and the other 131 meters (34 floors). The building was completed in December 2011.