Huaqiao station (Shanghai Metro)

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Shanghai Metro
SM Huaqiao Station.jpg
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese花桥
Traditional Chinese花橋
General information
LocationGuangming Road (光明路) and Yanhu Avenue (沿沪大道)
Huaqiao, Kunshan, Jiangsu
Coordinates31°18′02″N 121°05′59″E / 31.3006°N 121.0998°E / 31.3006; 121.0998Coordinates: 31°18′02″N 121°05′59″E / 31.3006°N 121.0998°E / 31.3006; 121.0998
Operated byShanghai No. 2 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Line(s)     Line 11
Opened16 October 2013
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
Line 11Terminus

Huaqiao (simplified Chinese: 花桥; traditional Chinese: 花橋; pinyin: Huāqiáo) is a metro station on Line 11 of the Shanghai Metro. Located at the intersection of Guangming Road and Yanhu Avenue in Huaqiao, Kunshan, Jiangsu, it serves as the current western terminus on the branch line of Line 11. The station opened on 16 October 2013.[1]

The station will also serve as the eastern terminus of the future Line S1 of Suzhou Rail Transit, which is currently under construction. It is also one of three stations in the Shanghai Metro system that is not located in the municipality of Shanghai itself, the other two being Guangming Road and Zhaofeng Road, which are adjacent on the line.[2][3]


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