I Love Being Trendy

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I Love Being Trendy
EP by Startled Calf
Released 1993
Genre Punk
Length 5:59

I Love Being Trendy is a 4 song EP released on Red Ear Records [1] by the punk band, Startled Calf, after their dissolution in 1992.[2][3] The band was founded by George Fraska (Hosni), Ralph Jasso, and Jimmy Hernandez.[1] This EP is notable for being the first known recording by Omar Rodríguez-López, who is best known for his roles as band leader of The Mars Volta and guitarist for At the Drive-In.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Buddhist Retreat" - 1:08
  2. "Horns of Plenty" - 1:24
  3. "I Love Being Trendy" - 0:53
  4. "No Trust" - 2:34

Band Members[edit]

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