I Love You (Vasyl Lazarovich song)

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"I Love You" is a song composed by Brandon Stone and Olga Yarynich and performed by Vasyl Lazarovych, and was to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in May 2010 in Oslo, Norway. The song was selected on 6 March from five songs, all performed by Lazarovich.[1][2]

On 17 March 2010, it was announced by the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU), the Ukrainian national broadcaster, that Vasyl Lazarovich's participation would be cancelled, and that a new national final would be held to select a new Ukrainian entry for the contest after complaints over the broadcaster's internal selection of Lazarovich and not letting other performers attempt to compete.[3][4] Lazarovich later took part in the new national final with "I Love You" on 20 March to attempt to continue his Eurovision participation, however finished in 7th place.[4][5][6][7]


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