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Goddess of the east
Karnak Khonsou 080522 c.jpg
Iabet is depicted on the left. Next to her is king Ramses III.
Major cult center Panopolis
Consort Min

Iabet (Iabtet, Iab, Abet, Abtet, Ab) is a goddess in Egyptian mythology, counterpart of Imentet.


She is a cleanser of the sun god Ra, and goddess of east. Her main husband is fertility god Min. She was worshiped in Panopolis, with her husband.[1]

In the Amduat, Iabet is depicted as a woman with her arms by her sides, under the name of Iab. Along with eleven other goddesses, including Isis and her grandmother Tefnut, the group was known as "Those who give praises to Ra as he passes over Wernes".


One princess – Nefertiabet – is named after this goddess. Her father was pharaoh Khufu.[2]


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