Ibanez Artcore series

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Ibanez Artcore
Ibanez Artcore AF85
Ibanez Artcore AF85
Manufacturer Ibanez
Period 2002-present
Body type Hollow
Neck joint Set-in Neck
Scale 24.75"
Body Flamed Maple top/back/sides
Neck 3pc Mahogany/ Maple
Fretboard Bound Rosewood
Bridge ART1 bridge
Pickup(s) H-H/ACH1(neck)and ACH2(bridge)

The Ibanez Artcore series is Ibanez's line of semi and full hollowbody electric guitars.

Background and press[edit]

The first Ibanez Artcore models were released by Ibanez in mid-2002 whose goal was to offer an affordable range of full-hollow and semi-hollow body guitars that appealed to entry level guitarists who were unable or unwilling to pay big money on high-priced guitars. The Artcore series has developed a reputation for being one of the best value guitars on the market and has been praised by reviewers, and are highly respected for their tone, sustain and the way they hold their tuning.


List of artcore guitars currently in production:-

  • AK-80-BS (discontinued)
  • AKJ-95 (New Model)
  • AF-125 (Custom)
  • AFB-200 (Bass)
  • AFS-75T
  • AFS-75TD
  • AFS-78T
  • AFS-80T
  • AFS-95T
  • AF-75
  • AF-75D
  • AF-86 (Deluxe Model)
  • AF-95
  • AGS-83B
  • AG-75
  • AG-86 (Deluxe Model)
  • AGB-200 (Bass)
  • AGR-63T (New Model)
  • AK-86 (Deluxe Model)
  • AM-73
  • AM-77
  • AM-78T
  • AS-53
  • AS-73
  • AS-73T
  • AS-83 (Discontinued)
  • AS-93
  • AS-103 (Discontinued)
  • AS-7312 (New Model)
  • ASR-70 (Discontinued)
  • FWD-60
  • AWD-82LTD
  • AWD-83
  • AWD-83T
  • AXD-83P
  • AJD-91
  • AJD-71T

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