Ibanez Talman

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Ibanez Talman
Manufacturer Ibanez
Period 1994 - 1998, 2015 — present
Body type Solid, hollow-body acoustic
Neck joint Bolt-on, Set-in

The Ibanez Talman series is a series of guitars produced by guitar manufacturer Ibanez.

This series consists of electric and acoustic guitars and was introduced in 1994. The production of the electric guitar series ended in 1998, but a few years later Ibanez reintroduced the Talman series as a series of acoustic guitars. Other than these acoustic guitars and the Noodles Signature Model electric guitar, Ibanez introduced a new line of Talman electric guitar models in November 2015, including Standard and Prestige versions.[1]


Electric models[edit]


  • TC530 (Produced in 1994)
  • TC620 (Produced between 1995–1996)
  • TC630 (Produced between 1995–1997)
  • TC730 (Produced in 1996)
  • TC820 (Produced in 1996)
  • TC830 (Produced in 1996)
  • TC420 (Produced between 1996–1998)
  • TC740 (Produced between 1997–1998)
  • TC825 (Produced between 1997–1998)
  • TC220 (Produced in 1998)
  • TC720 (Produced in 1998)


  • TV650 (Produced in 1994)
  • TV750 (Produced in 1994)
  • TV550 (Produced in 1995)

Signature models[edit]

Acoustic models[edit]

This series is still in production today.

  • TCY20VV
  • TCY20TRS
  • TCY15ERD
  • TCY10EBK
  • TCM50VBS
  • TCY740 - massive mahagony body, nut and saddle in ivorex 2, with X frame, with Fishman Sonicore, is an electro-acoustic folk variant; a piezo is set under the saddle, while a Preamp Fishman Sonicore (including 2 buttons) is installed on the mahagony table, on its inner face. It seems to have been made in two models: the first with a number ending by 1201, and a second ending by 1202. For the model ending by 1202, at least 834 units have been made in China. The TCY740 isn't made anymore since 2014, and the 2015 Ibanez catalogue does not contain it anymore.

In '97, the Talman line shrank to the TC630 plus two new models, the TC825 (sparkle-finished alder, two Super 58s, Bigsby) and TC740 (alder, two lipsticks and one V8 humbucker, vibrato). The Talman's next-to-the-last gasp came in '98, when they were joined by TC220 (agathis, two humbuckers, vibrato) and a lefty version of the TC420L. After '98, the Talman line expired, except for being reprised later as an acoustic/electric model.

— Vintage Guitar magazine, July 2005


Artists known playing an Ibanez Talman are:

  • Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) owns a custom Ibanez Talman with a Kenyan flag finish[2] and a white one with 2 humbuckers.
  • Noodles (The Offspring) has three signature Talman models; NDM1,[3] NDM2[4] and NDM3.
  • David Williams (Michael Jackson) owns an Ibanez Talman.
  • Aron Garceau (Prydein (band)) plays electric Talmans exclusively, mainly a Blue Sparkle TC825 and a Metallic Avocado TC620 and a Black TC420.[5]
  • Stefan Jacques from Dutch psycho-rock band Misery Kids plays a TV650.
  • Will Salazar (Fenix TX) can be seen playing a Talman in their music video for All My Fault.
  • Rene van Lien from the Dutch Noise band Feverdream / Neon Rainbows plays a chocolate brown TC530.
  • Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), purchased after the gear theft in July 1999, still used occasionally by Kim.[6]
  • Jeff Buckley owned a Talman tc620 which replaced the famous 1983 Fender Telecaster "toploader" tele borrowed from a friend [7]
  • Bob 2 from Devo played a green and red Talman from the 1990s up until his death in 2014.


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