Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

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Department of Juvenile Justice
Department overview
Jurisdiction Illinois
Department executive
  • Candice Jones, Director of Juvenile Justice

The Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice (IDJJ) is the code department[1][2] of the Illinois state government that acts as the state juvenile corrections agency.

The department was formed on July 1, 2006. Previously, the Illinois Department of Corrections managed Illinois juvenile facilities.[3]

Facilities (Referred to as Illinois Youth Centers or IYC)[edit]

As of 2014, the facilities operated include:

Name Highest security
IYC Warrenville Level 1 - Maximum
IYC Harrisburg Level 2 - Secure Medium
IYC St. Charles Level 2 - Secure Medium
IYC Kewanee Level 1 - Maximum

Level 2 - Secure Medium

IYC Chicago Level 3 - Minimum
IYC Pere Marquette Level 3 - Minimum

Harrisburg, St. Charles, Kewanee, Pere Marquette, and Chicago house juvenile male offenders while Warrenville house juvenile female offenders. IYC Kewanne is considered a special treatment facility focused on juvenile males with severe mental issues and sex offenders. IYC Pere Marquette is a treatment facility for juvenile males. IYC St. Charles and IYC Harrisburg also house the Receiving and Classification Units, or R&C, for the department. The majority of youths committed to the department from the Chicago area go first to IYC St. Charles while the majority those youths committed to the department from the southern and central part of the state go first to IYC Harrisburg.[citation needed]


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