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State Road 101 marker

State Road 101
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length: 79.42 mi[1] (127.81 km)
Existed: 1932 – present
Southern segment
Length: 0.48 mi[1] (0.77 km)
South end: KY 1039 near Florence
North end: SR 156 near Florence
South central segment
Length: 17.47 mi[1] (28.12 km)
South end: US 50 near Milan
North end: I-74 near Penntown
North central segment
Length: 16.44 mi[1] (26.46 km)
South end: US 52 / SR 1 in Brookville
North end: US 27 / SR 44 in Liberty
Northern segment
Length: 45.03 mi[1] (72.47 km)
South end: SR 124 near Pleasant Mills
US 33 in Pleasant Mills
US 224 in Rivare
US 30 near Townley
US 24 near Woodburn
North end: SR 1 / SR 8 near Newville
Counties: Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Franklin, Ripley, Switzerland, Union
Highway system
I-94 SR 103

State Road 101 in the U.S. state of Indiana is a north–south state highway in the eastern portion of Indiana that exists in four sections with a combined length of 79.42 miles (127.81 km).

Route description[edit]

Only the segment of SR 101 that is concurrent with the U.S. Route 33 (US 33) are included as a part of the National Highway System (NHS).[2] The NHS is a network of highways that are identified as being most important for the economy, mobility and defense of the nation.[3] The highway is maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) like all other State Roads in the state. The department tracks the traffic volumes along all state roads as a part of its maintenance responsibilities using a metric called average annual daily traffic (AADT). This measurement is a calculation of the traffic level along a segment of roadway for any average day of the year. In 2010, INDOT figured that lowest traffic levels were the 710 vehicles and 60 commercial vehicles used the highway daily between SR 124 and US 33. The peak traffic volumes were 5,740 vehicles and 450 commercial vehicles AADT between Sunman and I–74.[4]

Southern section[edit]

The southernmost portion of the route is 0.48 miles (0.77 km) long and connects SR 156 in Switzerland County with Interstate 71 U.S. Route 42 in Kentucky by crossing the Ohio River on the Markland Dam.[5][6]

South central section[edit]

The second portion of SR 101 is 17.47 miles (28.12 km) long and is within Ripley County. This sections of SR 101 begins at U.S. Route 50 (US 50) and heads north towards Milan. The road passes through rural farmland with a few houses as a two-lane highway. The road turns towards the northeast just south of SR 48. After SR 48 the highway turns back due north. This section ends at an interchange with Interstate 74 (I–74) in Penntown.[7][6]

North central section[edit]

The third portion of SR 101 is 16.44 miles (26.46 km) long and starts at US 52 and SR 1 in Brookville. SR 101 runs concurrent with SR 1 north and then SR 101 heads northeast, leaving SR 1. The highway curves around Brookville Lake and continues due north towards Liberty. The road crosses into Union County and turns northeast again, ending at an intersection with US 27 and SR 44 in Liberty.[8][6]

Northern section[edit]

Along State Road 101 at its intersection with U.S. Route 224

The fourth and final portion is 45.03 miles (72.47 km) long and has its southern terminus at SR 124 in southeastern Adams County and heads north passing through farmland. The road enters Pleasant Mills and has a short concurrency with US 33. North of Pleasant Mills, the road crosses over the St. Marys River. After the river, the road enters Rivare and starts a concurrency with US 224. The concurrency heads west leaving Rivare heading towards Decatur. The concurrency end when SR 101 turns back north and US 224 continues towards the west. SR 101 crosses into Allen County and has an intersection with US 30 near Townley. After US 30, the road has an all-way stop at old SR 14, now known as Dawkins Road. After Dawkins Road the road crosses the Norfolk Southern Railway. Then the road enter Woodburn and makes a sharp curve heading towards the east, followed by another curve back north. North of Woodburn the highway has an interchange with US 24 and crosses the Maumee River. After the river the road makes a sharp curve towards the west, followed by a sharp curve back north. North of the curves the route has an intersection with SR 37 and crosses into DeKalb County, within which it crosses the St. Joseph River. The northern terminus of SR 101 at an intersection with SR 8 and SR 1.[9][10][6]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Switzerland Florence 0.00 0.00 KY 1039 Southern terminus of SR 101
0.48 0.77 SR 156 Northern terminus of the southern section of SR 101
Gap in route
Ripley Washington Township 0.48 0.77 US 50 – Versailles, Dillsboro Southern terminus of the second section of SR 101
Milan 6.32 10.17 SR 350 – Osgood, Aurora
Franklin Township 11.76 18.93 SR 48 – Napoleon, Lawrenceburg Ripley County-Dearborn County line
Adams Township 17.33 27.89 SR 46 – Batesville
17.95 28.89 I-74 – Indianapolis, Cincinnati Exit number 156 on I-74; northern terminus of the second section of SR 101
Gap in route
Franklin Brookville 17.95 28.89 US 52 / SR 1 south – Rushville, Lawrenceburg, Cincinnati Southern terminus of the third section of SR 101; Southern end of SR 1 concurrency
18.10 29.13 SR 1 north Northern end of SR 1 concurrency
Union Liberty 34.39 55.35 US 27 / SR 44 – Connersville, Richmond, Cincinnati
Gap in route
Adams Pleasant Mills 34.39 55.35 SR 124 – Monroe, Willshire Southern terminus of the northern section of SR 101
US 33 south – Willshire, OH Southern end of US 33 concurrency
US 33 north – Decatur Northern end of US 33 concurrency
Rivare 41.03 66.03 US 224 east - Van Wert Eastern end of US 224 concurrency
42.04 67.66 US 224 west – Decatur Western end of US 224 concurrency
Allen Townley 54.36 87.48 US 30 – Fort Wayne, New Haven, Van Wert
Lincoln Highway (Old US 30)
Woodburn 64.72 104.16 US 24 – Fort Wayne, New Haven, Defiance
Halls Corners 70.78 113.91 SR 37 – Fort Wayne, Hicksville
DeKalb Newville 79.42 127.81 SR 1 / SR 8 – Auburn, Butler, Hicksville Northern terminus of SR 101
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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