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Indrayani Express
22106 Indrayani Express.jpg
Service type Superfast Express
First service 27 April 1988
Current operator(s) Central Railways
Start Mumbai CST
Stops 8 as 22105 Indrayani Express, 7 as 22106 Indrayani Express
End Pune
Distance travelled 192 km (119 mi)
Average journey time 3 hours 28 minutes as 22105 Indrayani Express, 3 hours 20 minutes as 22106 Indrayani Express
Service frequency daily
Train number(s) 22105 / 22106
On-board services
Class(es) AC Chair Car, Second Class sitting
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements No
Catering facilities No Pantry Car
Observation facilities Rake Sharing with 12169/70 Pune Solapur Intercity Express
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed 110 km/h (68 mph) maximum
56.47 km/h (35 mph), including halts
Route map
Mumbai CST
Parsik tunnel
Bhor Ghat Begins
Monkey Hill(Technical Halt towards Mumbai CST)
Bhor Ghat Ends
Shivajinagar (Towards Pune Junction)

The 22105/22106 Indrayani Express (Marathi: इंद्रायणी एक्स्प्रेस) is a superfast express train belonging to Indian Railways that runs between Mumbai CST and Pune Junction in India.

It is a daily service & is named after the river Indrayani flowing near Pune.

The train earlier numbered as 1021 while running from Mumbai to Pune and 1022 from Pune to Mumbai, has now been upgraded to superfast & renumbered as 22105 (Mumbai CST - Pune Junction) & 22106 (Pune Junction - Mumbai CST).


The Indrayani Express presently has 2 AC Chair Car, 8 General Second Class, 2 General Second Class coaches reserved for Pass Holders, 5 General Unreserved coaches. As is customary with Indian Railways, coaches are added/removed as per the demand.

This train shares its rake with the Pune Solapur Intercity Express & operational control is with Central Railways.


The Indrayani Express was first introduced on 27 April 1988 & is one of 6 dedicated Intercity Chair Car trains between Mumbai CST & Pune Junction. The other 5 trains are 12127/28 Mumbai Pune Intercity Express, 11007/08 Deccan Express, 11009/10 Sinhagad Express, 12125/26 Pragati Express & 12123/24 Deccan Queen.

It covers the distance of 192 kilometres in 3 hours 28 mins as 22105 Indrayani Express (55.38 km/hr) & 3 hours 20 mins as 22106 Indrayani Express (57.60 km/hr).

22106 Indrayani Express at Pune Junction
22106 Indrayani Express - 2nd Class seating
22106 Indrayani Express - AC Chair Coach


Although the route is electrified, it is currently hauled by Kalyan or Pune based WDM 3D/WDM 3A/WDG 3A diesel locomotive and has been occasionally hauled by WDP-4 locomotive as well. This is to save time in locomotive change, due to the rake sharing with Pune Solapur Intercity Express, as the route after Daund junction is not yet electrified and is currently undergoing doubling and electrification.

When the train was introduced back in 1988, it was hauled by WCM 1/2/5 DC locomotives till the mid 1990s as the section between Mumbai CST and Pune was under 1500 V DC traction. From the mid 1990s, it was hauled by WCAM 2/2P or WCAM 3 dual traction locomotives of the Kalyan shed till November 2009, when the rake sharing was initiated.

At Karjat, it gets two or three WAG-5, WAG-7, WCAM-2 or WCAM 3 bankers of Kalyan shed to push the train on the ghat section between Karjat railway station and Lonavala railway station, where the gradient is of 1 in 40.

Time Table[edit]

The Indrayani Express is the 1st of 6 dedicated trains to leave Mumbai CST for Pune Junction & is the last train to return.

22105 Indrayani Express leaves Mumbai CST every day at 05:40 hrs IST and reaches Pune Junction at 09:08 hrs IST.

On return, the 22106 Indrayani Express leaves Pune Junction every day at 18:35 hrs IST and reaches Mumbai CST at 21:55 hrs IST.

Runaway Train Incident[edit]

On the night of 1 December 1994, the Indrayani Express lost braking power after a locomotive fire near Thakurwadi cabin on the steep Bhore Ghat section between Karjat and Lonavla. The runaway train travelled at over a 100kmph on the downhill section till it rolled to a stop in the plains. The exact reasons behind the incident are still unknown. [1]


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