Infamous Murders

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Infamous Murders
Country of origin  United States  United Kingdom
No. of episodes 51
Original network The History Channel
Original release 2001? – 2004?
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Infamous Murders was a documentary television series shown on The History Channel in the U.S. and the U.K. The U.S. edition was narrated by Don Peoples. In the U.K. edition the narrator is uncredited.


The 51 episodes of the series were produced by Nugus/Martin Productions Ltd. in 2001. The show was aired on The History Channel in both the U.K. and U.S. In the U.S. the show was included as part of the 154-episode run of History's Mysteries. During the hour long show, two episodes of Infamous Murders were presented together.

Each episode was thirty minutes long. Three crimes that share a common theme such as motive, means, or victims are given ten minutes of time apiece. The series concentrated on notorious murders carried out during the 20th century. In the beginning of each show a particularly infamous crime would be examined as an example. The words “Infamous Murders now examines…” would follow and the other three murders would be presented.

The series relied on historical documents for visuals rather than reenactments. Dramatic music was used to heighten the narration along with rostrum shots of photographs, and vintage television/film footage.

Reruns of the show could be seen on The History Channel, the Crime & Investigation Network, Biography Channel, and History International. After History International became H2 in 2011, the rights to the series were discontinued.

A 17 disc DVD version of the series was released in the U.K. as Ultimate Crimes: The World’s Most Infamous Murders by Odeon Entertainment in 2002. Each disc contains three episodes.

Series Credits[edit]

Narrator (U.S.): Don Peoples

Music: De Wolfe

Music Advisor: Alan Howe

Production Facilities: Barnes Trust Television

On-line Editor: Joe Turner

editor: Crispin Julian

Rostrum: Frameline

Research Director: George Marshall

Script Writer: Nicolas Wright

Line Producer: Ron Glenister

Producer/Director: Jonathan Martin

Executive Producer: Philip Nugus

Produced by Nugus/Martin Productions Ltd.

Episode list[edit]

Angels of Death (2001) Nurses sometimes kill.

Bizarre Murders (2001) Young Ronald DeFeo shoots his family; mountain-gorilla researcher Dian Fossey is hacked to death; Italian banker is found hanging from a bridge.

The Cannibals (2001) Several killers, both real and fictional, consume their victims.

Celebrity Murder (2001) The heir to a railway fortune shoots his wife's lover; Sharon Tate; Gianni Versace; playwright murder.

Crimes of Prejudice (2001) Deaths of civil-rights workers; political and ethnic killings; murders of gay men.

Cult Killings (2001) Cult leaders exert huge power over members, sometimes causing them to kill or to commit suicide.

Deadly Doctors (2001) A doctor convicted of killing her daughter-in-law may be innocent; a doctor gets away with the murders of 132 patients; a British doctor may have killed as many as 1,000 female patients.

Deadly Kidnappings (2001) The Lindbergh baby's kidnapping and murder; confused kidnappers take the wrong person; a murderer abducts a young heiress.

Deadly Ladies (2001) Women sometimes kill.

Death in the Country (2001) Even America's heartland is not immune to violent crime.

Evading Justice (2001) Several serial killers evade punishment.

Evidence of Murder (2001) Crucial evidence sometimes brings killers to justice years later.

Final Justice (2001) Capital punishment.

From Coast to Coast (2001) Traveling murderers roam the country or the world in search of victims.

Gangland Murders (2001) Prohibition-era gangsters fight for supremacy; bank robber John Dillinger becomes public enemy number one.

Hollywood Murders (2001) A suicide note accompanies the death of a movie producer; in 1935 a screen idol becomes an apparent suicide; in 1958 a teenage daughter is charged with the murder of an actress's boyfriend.

Horror on the Highways (2001) The anonymity of the highway and the speed of its traffic make it an ideal dumping ground for murderers.

Inheritance Killers (2001) Money can be the motive for murder.

Intent on Murder (2001) Some killers choose their victims by type.

Killing for Pleasure (2001) Random killers Neville Heath, the Hillside Strangler, and the Coed Killer, John Norman Collins.

Killing for Thrills (2001) Some killers transform their homes into chambers of horror.

Lady Killers (2001) Serial killers John Christie, Richard Speck, and William Heirens.

Mass Murderers (2001) Rampage killings. Fritz Haarmann, Hungerford massacre, Charles Whitman, Dean Corll

Model Murders (2001) Many young women's dreams of an easy and glamorous modeling career are cut short.

Murder at the Top (2001) Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma; Ernst Röhm; Bishop Juan Conendra Geradi.

Murder by Decree (2001) Murder is sometimes used to silence people who threaten the system.

Murder for Hire (2001) Hit-men are paid to kill.

Murder for Profit (2001) Some kill to satisfy their greed.

Murder in Cold Blood (2001) Some murderers kill for no apparent reason.

Murder in High Office (2001) Anwar Sadat; Yitzhak Rabin.

Murdered on Duty (2001) When a colleague dies in the line of duty, police officers work tirelessly to catch the killer.

Murdering Conmen (2001) Conmen worm their way into victims' lives and kill them for their cash.

New York Mafia Murders (2001) The struggle for mob leadership leads to an endless cycle of murder and blood feuds.

Poisoned to Death (2001) Poisoners leave clear trails for police to follow.

The Poisoners (2001) Doctors abuse their positions of trust to administer poison to their victims.

Political Assassinations (2001) Politics can be a deadly business.

Political Killings (2001) Malcolm X; Sacco and Vanzetti; Harvey Milk and George Moscone.

Premeditated Murder (2001) Some killers plan their actions to the very last detail.

A Question of Doubt (2001) The disappearance of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa; a man accused of the 1919 murder of a young Englishwoman is acquitted; a doctor stands trial for the 1954 murder of his wife.

Red Light Murders (2001) The life of a prostitute can be brutal and short.

Royal Murders (2001) Saudi Arabia's King Faisal; Czar Nicholas II; the 2001 death of the king and queen of Bhutan.

Savage Surgeons (2001) Surgeons use their expertise to hide their crimes.

Society Murders (2001) Influential friends and expensive lawyers sometimes allow the wealthy to get away with murder.

Somebody Killed the President! (2001) U.S. presidential assassinations.

Spree Killings (2001) Two young couples become serial killers; a misfit crosses America and murders at least 20 people.

Stalking the Innocent (2001) Some killers select their victims randomly.

Streets of Fear (2001) Some serial killers find their victims on the streets of British and American cities.

Terrorizing the Cities (2001) The Boston Strangler, The Night Stalker, and the Trash Bag Murders.

Trapped by Forensics (2001) Genetic fingerprinting.

The Trunk Murders (2001) Many murderers find that a large trunk is just the right size to hold a human corpse.

Victims of Jealousy (2001) Jealousy and obsession can turn violent.

Women Who Kill (2001) Love triangle; female terrorist; female serial-killer.

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