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The Irving Group of Companies is an informal name given to those companies owned and controlled by the descendants of Canadian industrialist K.C. Irving, namely his children J.K., Arthur, and Jack (1932-2010) and their respective children.

Ownership structure[edit]

Many of the components of the Irving Group of Companies were established or acquired by K.C. Irving during his period of active entrepreneurship between the 1920s and the 1970s. Following his retirement to Bermuda in the 1970s, the conglomerate was operated by his three sons in much the same manner and remained relatively intact and maintained a strong vertical integration. The companies were roughly divided into similar divisions, each controlled by one of K.C. Irving's sons and their respective children.

  • James Irving (also known as "J.K.") – ownership and responsibility for J.D. Irving, Limited and its subsidiaries. This conglomerate has interests in several industries including forestry, integrated forest products, building supplies, frozen food, transportation, shipping lines, and shipbuilding.
  • Arthur Irving (also known as "Art") - ownership and responsibility for Irving Oil and its subsidiaries. This conglomerate has ownership of its retail stores, oil refineries, oil tankers and distribution terminals and facilities.
  • John E. Irving (1932–2010) (also known as "Jack") – This conglomerate has ownership of “Ocean Capital” which includes companies such as, Commercial Properties, OSCO Construction Group, Source Atlantic and Acadia Broadcasting, Limited.

J.D. Irving, Limited[edit]

  • Irving Forest Products & Services
  • JDI Integrated Logistics (formerly Irving Transportation Services)
  • Irving Retail & Distribution Services
  • Irving Consumer Products
  • Industrial Equipment & Construction
  • Irving Wallboard
  • Gulf Operators
  • Irving Equipment (crane rental, heavy lifting, specialized transportation, pile driving and project management services)
  • CFM
  • Specialty Printing
  • Personnel Services
  • Protrans Personnel Services Inc.
  • Security Services
  • Industrial Security Inc.
  • Amateur Sports
  • Former subsidiaries

Irving Oil, Limited[edit]

  • Irving Refineries
  • Irving Energy Services Ltd. (home heating fuel)
  • Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing
  • Irving Propane (formerly named Atlantic Speedy Propane)
  • Irving Aviation (supplier of aviation fuel & ownership of FBO’s in Newfoundland)
  • Portage Energy Limited
  • Override
  • Canaport (deepwater ultra large crude carrier terminal)
  • Canaport LNG (25% partner in deepwater liquified natural gas terminal, 75% held by Repsol YPF)
  • Irving Blending & Packaging (automotive & commercial vehicle lubricants and degreasers)
  • Over 900 retail locations throughout Eastern Canada and New England
  • A fleet of tractor-trailers delivering a variety of fuels to its wholesale, commercial and retail customers
  • Over a dozen regional distribution terminals

Ocean Capital[edit]

A selection of the 15 radio stations owned and operated by Acadia Broadcasting


Irving companies are private companies; as a result, there isn't as much public information available as there would be for publicly traded organizations. This lack of abundant transparency has led to significant criticism regarding Irving business activities.

Irving companies are often criticized for their vertical integration. Examples of vertical integration within the "Irving Group of Companies" (as the Irving family refers to their holdings) include the acquisition or formation of businesses along the entire chain of production, from the Irving refinery (an Irving Oil subsidiary) and its retail outlets, to the transportation subsidiaries of J.D. Irving (RST, Midland, NB Southern, Sunbury), to various construction and engineering companies that assist in building, maintaining and expanding the conglomerate's facilities. Further examples of vertical integration within the conglomerate include Industrial Security Ltd. (ISL), the wholly owned security company that guards facilities, as well as industrial suppliers such as Thornes, Universal Sales and Commercial Equipment Ltd. which provide specialty goods and services to its companies. J.D. Irving, the sister firm to Irving Oil, is a dominant forestry company in northeastern North America, growing trees, harvesting trees and producing lumber, pulp and paper, and various enhanced value products such as glossy paper grades, tissue, and personal care products.

The Dominion newspaper, an independent Canadian newspaper, has criticized Irving's ownership of the New Brunswick Papers, as well as the papers' journalistic integrity, particularly when reporting on companies controlled by the Irving family such as Irving Oil.[1][2][3] Canadian Business magazine wrote in a profile of the Irving Group in 2008, "A Senate committee that recently probed media ownership in Canada expressed concerns about the family’s near-monopoly over the province’s print media and "the implications of a dominant media force linked to a dominant industrial base." While a Brunswick News official denied any pro-Irving bias in the papers’ coverage, the committee’s 2006 report cited other witnesses who feared that Irving journalists exercise restraint and self-edit when writing about the family — "unconscious loyalty to the parental control," as one put it."

In 2003, there were accusations of Irving family political patronage, notably involving Allan Rock and Claudette Bradshaw of the Liberal Party of Canada.[4]


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