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Iskra 1030
ИСКРА 1030.11.jpg
Искра 1030.11
DeveloperElektronmash in Leningrad
ManufacturerIskra factory in Smolensk and Shchyotmash factory in Kursk
Release date1989; 33 years ago (1989)
Operating systemADOS (Russian DOS, compatible with MS-DOS/PC DOS 2.x and 3.x), MS-DOS, CP/M-86
CPUK1810VM86 (Intel 8086 clone) @ 4.77 MHz
Memory640 KB
StorageHard disk drive: 10 or 20 MB
Removable storageFloppy disk drive: 1×720 KB
DisplayColor CGA compatible

The Iskra 1030 (Russian: Искра 1030) was an Intel 8086 compatible personal computer produced in the USSR. It was designed by Elektronmash (Russian: ЛНПО «Электронмаш») in Leningrad. The main manufacturers were the Iskra factory (Russian: Искра) in Smolensk and the Shchyotmash factory (Russian: Счётмаш) in Kursk. The model line consisted of Iskra 1030.11 (basic), Iskra 1030М (modified), Iskra 1031, and Iskra 3104.


The Iskra 1030M produced from 1989 comprised:

  • CPU: K1810VM86 (Russian: КР1810ВМ86, Intel 8086 clone), 4.77 MHz
  • RAM: 640 KB
  • Display: color CGA compatible
  • Floppy disk drive: 1×720 KB
  • Hard disk drive: 20 MB[citation needed]
  • Operating system: ADOS (Russian: АДОС; Russian DOS, compatible with MS-DOS/PC DOS 2.x and 3.x), MS-DOS, CP/M-86
  • Release Date: 1989


The computer was shipped with ADOS, a Russian version of MS-DOS/PC DOS 2.x and 3.x, a BASIC interpreter, the special language and interpreter for accounting calculations YAMB (Russian: ЯМБ, Язык машин бухгалтерских), the text editor R1. The operating system used the main code page, hardwired into the display ROM; it was compatible neither with CP 866 nor CP 855, although partially with ISO/IEC 8859-5.

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