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J. Drew (dates unknown) was an English amateur cricketer who played first-class cricket in 1795 for Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), of which he was a member, and Sir Horatio Mann's XI, the latter an indication of his connection with Kent cricket.[1] He held the rank of captain in the British armed forces.[1]

Drew made 3 known first-class appearances.[2] Playing for MCC against the Thursday Club at Lord's Old Ground on 2 May 1795, he scored 0 and 3.[3] He then played for Sir Horatio Mann's XI at Dandelion Paddock against the Earl of Darnley's XI on 10 September, scoring 2 and 0.[4] On 14 September, again playing for Sir Horatio Mann's team, he faced R Leigh's XI at Dandelion Paddock and scored a pair (i.e., 0 and 0).[5]


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