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JTV Medan
Launched 8 November 2001
(JTV Surabaya)
9 Maret 2015 (JTV Medan)
Owned by Jawa Pos Group (2001-present)
Surabaya Broadcasting Corporation (2010-present)
Slogan "Satus Persen Jatim" (100% East Java)
Headquarters Surabaya, Indonesia
Sister channel(s) MNCTV, SBO TV, Arek TV, TV9 Surabaya
Website www.jtv.co.id
Kota Surabaya 57 UHF

JTV Surabaya is the abbreviation of Jawa Timur Televisi (East Java Television), is a private TV station in Surabaya East Java and Medan North Sumatera I. JTv is the first national regional private television in.Surabaya Indonesia in Javanese language.[citation needed] JTV Present broadcast airs on Medan and transmission can be caught in East Java and some area of Central Java and North Sumatera using aerial or by satellite TELKOM 1 & Nilesat 7°W | Position : 108° east | Frequency : 12130 MHZ.

This private TV station is owned by Jawa Pos Grup, that also has some affiliation with some TV stations and newspapers.[citation needed]

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