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National Route 41 shield

National Route 41
Yon-ichi, Shippin
国道41号 (Kokudō Yonjūichi-gō?)
Route information
Length: 252.1 km (156.6 mi)
Existed: 1953 – present
Major junctions
South end: Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
North end: Toyama, Toyama Prefecture
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

National Route 41 (国道41号?, Kokudō Yonjūichi-gō) is a national highway connecting Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, and Toyama, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. The bulk of the road run throughs Gifu Prefecture. The route is also referred to as Yon-ichi and Shippin, based on the Japanese readings for the route numbering.

The road generally follows the route of JR Central's Takayama Main Line, except for a few locations around the cities of Takayama and Hida. The northern part of the route is generally used for sightseeing and the southern part is for industry. As a result, the northern areas are generally crowded only on weekends and holidays, whereas the southern areas, especially around Nagoya, have high traffic volume every day.

Route data[edit]

Starting Point


  • 1953-05-18 - Second Class National Highway 155 (from Nagoya to Toyama)
  • 1959-04-01 - First Class National Highway 41 (from Nagoya to Toyama)
  • 1965-04-01 - General National Highway 41 (from Nagoya to Toyama)

Overlapping sections[edit]

  • In Minokamo, from Ota-honmachi-4 intersection to Shin-Ota-bashi intersection: Route 21
  • In Minokamo, from Shimamachi intersection to Mikadocho intersection: Route 248

Municipalities passed through[edit]

Nagoya, Toyoyama, Komaki, Ōguchi, Fusō, Inuyama
Kani, Minokamo, Kawabe, Hichisō, Yaotsu, Shirakawa, Gero, Takayama, Hida

Intersects with[edit]